Colored Glassware: Bringing Colorful Colorado to Life

Whether youre getting married in the Rocky Mountains, Eastern Plains, or the heart of Downtown Denver, Colorado is home to some of the most amazing destinations, views, and natural COLORS! Fall is finally here, and now more than ever, we can revel in all the beautiful scenery Colorado has to offer. Our new Aura Colored glassware collection at Colorado Party Rentals is the perfect way to bring the natural beauty and vibrance of our incredible landscape to any event! 

Warm Amber 

Fall weather in Colorado can be unpredictable and you might not always feel comfortable hosting your event outdoors. Bring the warm colors of the aspen leaves to your indoor table setting with the Aura Amber Glassware! The golden yellow hues will provide that cozy, Autumn atmosphere you’re craving.

Stunning Smoke

 The Aura Smoke colored glasses are bold and striking just like the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains! This color is a wonderful option for those who want to add a rich, sleek element to their event. Incorporating colored glassware into your setting can be intimidating, just like starting a hike up a 14’er. Trust us, the result will be unforgettable and so worth it! 

Crisp Indigo

Who wouldn’t want to sip their champagne out of a bright blue glass on a clear, sunny day? Did you know Colorado skies really are bluer due to the lack of humidity in the air? There’s a reason we have so many gorgeous bluebird ski days! The Aura Indigo glasses are a fabulous way to bring the peace and tranquility of Colorado’s clear blue skies to any party.

Fiery Coral

A Colorado sunset is one of the most eye-catching and magnificent sights you will ever get to experience. The Aura Coral glassware brings those blazing pink & red tones to life on the table. This delicate glass has a vibrancy that injects an energizing element to any dinner table or bar! 

Serene Olive

Wanting to keep your colors more neutral and relaxing? Look no further than the Aura Olive wine, water, and old-fashioned glasses. This color reflects that of the rich pine trees covering our state. It will bring a touch of elegance and harmony to your special event!


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