Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party

If you are planning a holiday party for your hard-working employees, we suggest following these guidelines for a fun and stress-free corporate holiday party.

Smart Guideline to Company Holiday Parties

plan your corporate party ahead. bought with https://picjumbo.comWe know it is always a rush at the end of the year workwise, and on top of that, there are the corporate holiday parties to be planned. Still, who doesn’t want such parties, where your coworkers can finally chill and have fun, anticipating the new year and saying goodbye to this one.

Define the Size

You may think that the first thing we would advise is to choose the theme. We’ll come to that, but once you know the size, it will make it easier to decide on the theme. Also, a theme is not really mandatory; all it can be is a casual Friday party or a nice evening cocktail dinner.

Size-wise, it is important to determine the number of people that will attend so that you can see your options for the venue and of course – the budget.

Budget and Venue

holiday rentals. Three things people forget to rent for holiday partyAlong with the size of the party, comes the budget. Yes, talking about numbers again. Even if the guest list is extensive, that doesn’t mean that it will cost your company a lot. Have some options in mind, preferably out of your corporate bases. Even if your headquarters are big enough to host a party, having the party outside of the office allows your workmates to connect on a more personal level and avoid talking about work.

Another factor that determines the budget is the date and time the party will be. Friday afternoons and evenings are the most sought-after, and therefore it can cost more than Sundays or Mondays after-work hours.


This can be a bit tricky because well – it is a busy season. Be prepared that not everyone may be able to attend, and this is nothing to worry about too much. But the chances are that the earlier you plan it and announce it, the more likely people will set the date in their schedule, and arrange their plans ahead.

After considering the date and time of the party itself, as mentioned above, it is still dependent on the venue availability.

Make Some Room for Appreciation

This is also a good time show your appreciation for your employees. And, it’s the season of giving and sharing. Give a sincere thanks to all your team, and consider giving recognition for an employee of the year or for an extraordinary achievement (there may be several of them, in different departments perhaps). Don’t be hesitant if there are more than few and consider some rewards that will boost their satisfaction for being part of the team. Office party on a budget

Menu, Catering, and Drinks

If you have a defined theme, the menu should complement it. If your concern is that there might be small mishaps or embarrassing moments from that extra glass of wine or scotch, then you may want to consider limiting the alcohol drinks. Tokens given to the guests can be helpful in this case.

In case the venue does not serve their own food, a caterer is a way to go. At Colorado Party Rentals you can choose from the catering equipment for any party.

When you choose the menu, make sure there are also some allergy-free options to meet the dining needs of all guests.


A party isn’t a party unless guests are entertained. Music is a must, and whether you will choose a band or a DJ, much depends on the theme of the party. In case you go for a karaoke show (people may be shy at the start, but then everyone wants to get their hands on the mic), have good audio equipment for some quality fun times.

Rent Extra Equipment

Does the venue you picked have a dance floor? No problem, check our sections in stage and flooring equipment. Anything you need for your party, from extra barstools and chairs to tables, fine glassware, lighting, heaters, tents, and much more!

We want your corporate festive party to work! Should you have any requests or questions, our party experts will be happy to assist you in planning your finale party of the year.


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