Crazy Kebabs for Your Backyard Barbecue

Summer is approaching and it’s time to head outdoors!

Enjoy the long awaited backyard barbecue with some fun new ideas…

Summer is the time for enjoying the outdoors, and most of us want to get in as much time taking in the warm weather as possible before the days turn cool again. This summer take advantage of it! Plan a fun outdoor event with a tent, in case of rain, and great lighting so that your guests don’t take off at sunset. Rent a couple of our grills and invite the whole neighborhood over to eat. Need chairs? We’ve got your covered. Throw a unique barbecue filled with some traditional favorites and some fun and unexpected additions.

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The barbecue is famous for meats grilled to perfection. But meat isn’t the only food the barbecue does well. Venture into vegetables, desserts and even fruit with these creative ideas.

To get things started:

Salad on a stick? Yes, it can be done! Create a Greek salad with a piece of lettuce folded fan-like and skewered.  Add a thick slice of cucumber, a smaller chunk of red onion and a finishing piece of feta cheese.  Serve with a classic Greek dressing like Tzatziki dressing on the side.

Veggie Kebabs –  Don’t settle for basic red pepper slices. Go for unexpected additions like yellow squash, broccoli florets, small red potatoes. Even eggplant can be done well alternating thick slices between yellow squash and adding a generous sprinkling of fresh parmesan. Brush all veggies with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Grill over a medium flame until tender.  Watch them carefully – overcooking your vegetables can leave a mouthful of mush.

Entreé ideas: 

rentals for all colorado summer events1. Seared Tuna with chunks of Avocado:  Marinate the tuna and avocado separately in olive oil and sea salt.  Next, skewer alternating slices of tuna and avocado and roast for no more than 3 minutes rotating over a medium high flame. Be sure not to overcook the tuna, as you’ll risk losing all the fishy goodness.

2. Grilled salmon and lemon slices marinated in olive oil and oregano: Choose a thick filet of salmon and marinate in olive oil, oregano, and zest of orange, lime and lemon peel. Skewer the chunks of salmon between a folded slice of lemon, brush with remaining marinade and grill over medium flame.

3. Steak and Potatoes: Choose a rib-eye cut and marinate in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and oregano. Separately marinate red bliss potatoes with the same recipe.  Then, alternate the steak pieces and small red potatoes on the skewer and grill over medium high flame until your beef reaches the temperature you prefer – be it medium rare, medium or closer to “done”.

Dessert Kebabs:dessert fruit kebabs

1. Strawberries and Pound Cake. Using a homemade or store bought pound cake slice the cake into 2 inch square chunks and skewer alternately with whole strawberries. Grill on low heat for approximately 3 minutes. Be careful you don’t cook them too long or your strawberries will turn into marmalade. Serve with a side dip of whipped cream or  plain Greek yogurt.

2. Marshmallows and chocolate candy bar pieces. Try a new twist on the classic S’mores. Skewer alternating pieces of large marshmallows and chocolate candy bar chunks.  Lightly brush your grill rack with olive oil to prevent the marshmallows from sticking, then grill over low heat just until your ingredients are soft.


Take your summer barbecue to a new level with the help of Colorado Party Rentals.

Tips for making Valentine's day Romantic with recipe and decorating ideasWith these fun new ways to enjoy your outdoor meal time, you can take your next barbecue to a new level.  Our professionals can assist you with any party theme, bringing our experience to your entire event planning process.  Visit one of our showrooms for even more options in your rental needs.



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