Kick Up the Fun at Your Next Event with a Photo Booth

Looking for ways to add a little candid fun to your next event?

Photo Booth Wedding SignBring in a photo booth and let your guests go wild.  Turn your event photos from staged and impersonal to full of life and hilarious!

DIY Photo Booth or Rent it

Rented Photo Booths provide several creative options from instant photos, to “selfie” mirrors; touch screens to video clips. Finding a Photo Booth provider near you won’t be hard.  But just in case all your favorites are already booked, all you need to make the magic happen is a digital camera with a timer, lighting, and a tripod. You can stage your own photo booth with a well placed backdrop that adds character to the photo and may even inspire your guests to show their colors.  Choose a fabric with an interesting and colorful pattern to add life to your photos. Or, go for a simple piece of plywood sprayed with chalkboard paint and signed by each guest that enters the “booth”. Add a few stools of varying heights to encourage photo bombing and your guests will be standing in line to strike their pose!  Amp up the silly factor by providing some creative props like a mustache on a stick, giant glasses,  or picture frames for framing all those wacky faces. Set up your photo booth in a central gathering area at your event and post a sign inviting them to “say cheese”. Leave a posted sign with easy to follow instructions, and make a “calling card” available with the login details of a photo sharing site where you will upload their crazy poses.

Whether you try your hand at a DIY Photo Booth or rent from someone local, this addition will kick up the fun factor at your event. Give your guests the chance to let their hair down and they will. You can capture the moment while keeping a touch of that uninhibited, candid fun!

DIY Photo Booth


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