Don’t Just Be Another Halloween Party On Your Block; Let Us Share Some Ideas

Halloween Party Rentals in Colorado

Haunted Mansion Party Ideas

For this year’s party, turn up the scare factor with these great Halloween party ideas. It’s time to retire the old mixtape you’ve been playing for the past few years and take your Halloween party one step further to turn your home into a haunted mansion, complete with the right lighting and audiovisuals.

Creating a Haunted Mansion

There are a few simple tricks to turning your home into a haunted mansion. Besides Halloween decorations like spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, goblins, and the obligatory hand-carved Jack-O-Lanterns, one of the easiest tricks to go scary is lighting. The second is a frightening soundtrack – and we’re not talking about playing Monster Mash on repeat. The third one is creepy visuals.

Lighting for Halloween party

Lighting is one of the simplest tricks to creating a scary effect.

Out of the Grave to Your Halloween Party

No haunted mansion is complete without a few dusty chandeliers and candelabras, but you also want to think about how to create mood and out of the grave ambiance.

You can rent lighting to create scary Halloween effects by enhancing shadows and creating a spooky atmosphere, blending soft dim lights with a few stark bulbs for the right effect. To develop a sense of fear with lighting, you can also think about adding a fog machine for a Thriller type graveyard effect.

Creepy Audio Effects

Set up speakers and audio systems in every room, each playing spooky sound effects. It is not music, but the slow dripping of a leaky faucet, a baby crying faintly in the background, werewolves howling, heavy footsteps, chains rattling, and a creaky door opening and closing. With the right sound system, you can create a surround sound scary soundtrack for your haunted house. There should be background noise, just barely audible for the creepiest effect.

Creating a haunted mansion

Project visuals and classic scary movies onto the walls at your Halloween party.

Flicks to Scare the Bejeebers out of All

Use your walls to project the type of Halloween classics that give you the chills. You don’t need sound. You aren’t watching a movie; you’re just decorating your walls with scary movies.

The old black and white Alfred Hitchcock-like movies can be the most efficient, but projecting The Shining onto a wall backed with your spooky soundtrack and scary lighting effects will quickly make your Halloween party the most terrifying and coolest of the season.

Halloween Party Rentals in Colorado

Need a P.A. System? Get the right one from us to play the spookiest and creepiest sounds at your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Rentals in Colorado

Don’t let this Holloween party be one of the many in your neighborhood. Rent lighting and audio/visual equipment for your Halloween party from Colorado Party Rentals.

Our party specialists are standing by to help you find the right equipment to turn your home into the scariest and most fun haunted mansion around!


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