Eat Breakfast All Day

Breakfast isn’t limited to morning!  Adding an unexpected menu twist is a great way to keep your event creative and fun.

The menu is one of the main parts of event planning. But not every party has to follow the same menu rules. For your next event try throwing a breakfast buffet.

Breakfast food has a way of warming the soul, even if its mid- afternoon. Whether its an employee luncheon or a teacher appreciation party, add some comfort food and watch the happy surprise.

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When you think of breakfast food the first things that probably come to mind are eggs, bacon and pancakes. But don’t stop there, take your breakfast buffet to the next level by adding some new and unexpected ingredients to your choices. 

3 Tips For a Breakfast Bonanza!

1. Start with separate stations so that your guests can explore each offering completely. Sometimes when the food is crowded onto one long table items are overlooked and your menu design looses its impact.

2. Allow your guests to “graze”. Don’t limit the plate filling time to a quick 30 minute get-in-line. Rather, let your guests feel the freedom to return to fill their plate with a different breakfast offering as they feel inclined.

3. Add Pizazz. Anyone can toast a piece of bread a fry an egg. You want to step up your breakfast offerings.

Try some of these creative options to make your breakfast party truly tasty!

Wedding mini desserts

Alternative desserts for non cake lovers

Create a Waffle Bar, and provide plenty of interesting toppings. Don’t stop at Maple Syrup. Go for a variety of fruits, chocolate toppings, even sweetened condensed milk.

On your Eggs and Omlette Station consider a veggie max option offering vegetables like broccoli, or summer squash. When it comes to the savory meat options, don’t settle for bacon only but try various sausages with different seasonings.

Remember that bread for breakfast is not limited to toasted slices of sandwich bread. Go for savory cheddar and herb biscuits, baked french toast, and offer a variety of jams and preserves. Venture outside of grape jelly and add some tropical flavors like guava, and pineapple.

With a few simple additions your event will have even more creative impact. Colorado party rentals has the experience to help you with every creative element you want to add to your event. Visit their showroom for more ideas.  No detail will be overlooked, from tables to linens, lighting and beyond Colorado Party Rentals can cover it all.

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