Plan a 1920’s Dinner Party with Class

The Professionals at Colorado Party Rental
can recreate your 1920s theme

Add some nostalgia to your next event!
Host a Roaring 1920’s dinner party.

Think outside the box and go for glam! The 1920s embodied the age of turning the corner; the beginning of Modern America.

Imagine your dinner party with extra class.  When we think of the 1920s what comes to mind? Energy, sophistication, mystery and a touch of the illegal. “The Roaring 20s” represented a time when the culture was being pushed further from its strict past. The people took new dares in their entertainment, music, hairstyles, and style of dress.

Invite your clients and business colleagues to indulge for a night with a luxurious evening out.  Plan a dinner party that adds some touches of the Golden Age, with Colorado Party Rentals you can create a Gatsby style event complete with gold, glam and the perfect lighting. Think jazz bands, bootleggers, flappers, speakeasies, and fedoras.

Wedding Table

Use these 4 simple tips to help you plan the dinner party that will certainly be “The Bee’s Knees”.

1. Develop a themed invitation using some slang from the period.

Add a secret password for your guests to be admitted. Ask your “Pals” to throw on their “Glad Rags” and “drop a dime” to let you know they’ll be attending your “Ritzy Dig.”

The Bee’s Knees – (Something extraordinary -a person thing or idea)

Babe/Broad/Dish/Dame  – (A Woman)

Big Shot-  (A Person of high influence)

Cat/Fella/Mac – (Man)

Clean sneak – (an escape with no clues left behind)

Drop a Dime – (Make a phone call)

Ritzy – (Elegant)

The Rumble – (The News)

Glad Rags – (Fancy Clothes)

2. Music will play a very important role here. There is no other way to truly take your guests into the time period than through the very tunes created in the Jazz Age. Go for Big Band tunes and keep it rolling hit after hit.

3. Plan Creative lighting use. Glowing stringed bulbs, and candles will carry your theme further. Testing the new boundaries didn’t happen in broad daylight. Keeping your lighting dim and opting for lots of candle light will take your speakeasy feel throughout your event.

4. Color your party with Glam! This party needs black and white and gold all over. Rich Gatsby like colors speak of the excess and indulgence of the 1920s high class. Cover your tables in black and add overlays of gold or even lace.



The Professionals at Colorado Party Rental can take your 1920s theme to from your ideas to perfectly creative execution. Visit their showroom and test some of your ideas. Take a look at fabrics, colors, gold trimmed china, and beautiful cutlery. Let our experts guide you through the beautiful showroom as you mix and match to achieve your Gatsby style.



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