Shabby Chic 1st Birthday for Her!

Looking for a new 1st birthday idea for your baby girl?

Think sweet and feminine, think… Shabby Chic.  Shabby Chic and Vintage are interchangeable terms but both call back to a time of drawing beauty from anywhere. Be it a an old distressed dresser with a semi-new coat of paint, or some pretty jewelry stored in colored glass vases, Shabby Chic is simply replicating the knack our grandmothers had for making something so simple, so beautiful.

 6 Tips for Creating a Shabby Chic 1st Birthday Party for your Little Girl

There are numerous ways to add Vintage flair to your little girl’s 1st birthday party. Consider these simple tips to keep your Vintage feel flowing.

Birthday gril party - 1st year1. Keep your color palette soft. Pastels are queen in a Vintage look. You may have a few touches of deeper tones here and there but your base colors should be soft and feminine.

2. Look for Antique-like pieces to use for even simple uses like holding your party favors or the utensils in a food serving area. A repurposed vase, or goblet will add the feel of grandma’s kitchen.

3. Don’t be afraid of Florals. This is one Party where floral prints are totally allowed. Floral overlays, floral napkins, and fresh flowers everywhere!

4. Re-purpose your own (or your great- Aunt’s) household decor, a jewelry box, and candy dish, a hand-me-down quilt, left over fabric scraps, it all counts for this theme. Even a side table lamp can help your theme come to life.

5. Create a theme table to house the main effect of your theme. The gift table may be the perfect choice. This is where you will assemble your little details into one large Vintage collage.

6.  Go for a big statement with an actual piece of furniture. Whether you choose to party outdoors or indoors, consider re-positioning a dresser, side table, or console table in your venue to add the at-home feel. Part of Vintage Charm is the effort made to use what you have and make it beautiful.

ideas for girl birthday parties

Ideas to get you started:

  • Use strips of fabric and create a garland by tying the strips onto a piece of heavy knitting yarn or even twine, let the edges be a little less than perfect and mix and match your colors. Once again, don’t fear the floral prints.
  • Paint a wood milk crate white, but leave some places imperfect.
  • Use a Jewelry box as part of your central theme table.
  • Use a cake stand for just about anything, from actual cake or dessert to your forks and knives and napkins.
  • Ribbons and Ribbons galore! Don your chairs with shiny satin ribbon, your tables, your furniture, just about everything.
  • Incorporate milk glass, colored glass, doilies, and fancy picture frames. All things pretty and prissy!

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