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In order to have a perfect wedding day, you’ll need to take care of every last detail from where your venue will be, to the linens you use. That’s right, your linen rentals can contribute loads toward the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Though it may seem like an easy task, there’s more to selecting wedding linens than meets the eye.

Here are 3 tips that will help you choose the right wedding linens for your special day.

Get Inspired

Rent wedding table linens

If you can imagine a color, there is a linen out there to match your vision!

If you’re not sure which route you should go in terms of your color scheme, head onto the internet! Heading onto Pinterest and even running a quick Google search will give you all the photo inspiration you need to get some ideas for your wedding.

Choose Linen Colors that will Make You Happy

At the end of the day, it is your wedding. Regardless of what your wedding party or even your planner says, the most important opinion belongs to you and your spouse. A reputable linen rental company can supply you with linens in virtually any color or fabric you want, so you can choose crazy colors to match a theme if you’d like! If you’re treading down the calm and mellow path, go with colors that are cheerful and relaxing.

Consider Your Decor

You’ll have an easier time picking out linens if you decide what kind of decor you want for your reception. The colors in your flowers and centerpiece components will give you a better sense of what linen colors will mesh together. If you’re truly stuck and are worried you’re introducing too much color into the mix, just use neutral linens.

White looks good with everything and brightens up space, while black adds sophistication and can make a large venue seem more intimate. Grey works well with silvers and cool colors, while champagne or gold brings opulence and richness to your overall decor.

In need of linens for your wedding in Colorado? Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need. Get started today by checking out all the rentals we have to offer.

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