How to Use Table Centerpieces

Never underestimate the power of great decor. When you’re creating a wedding or a themed event, the work you put into decorating is crucial for captivating the imagination of your guests. Nothing ties a space together quite like beautiful table centerpieces. To help you bring your party to life, we’ve come up with a list of do’s and don’ts that will ensure you have centerpieces your guests will beg to keep.

Seating Options for Weddings

Add your own unique flair to your centerpieces!

Play with Different Heights


Mixing centerpieces with different heights will help to make your tabletop seem fuller and more vibrant without compromising much-needed area for plates and food. Height adds elegance and majesty, while shorter pieces allow for guests to engage in comfortable conversation with each other.


Consider the Shape of Your Table Rentals

Guests can see each other more easily at round tables, so you can add more height to your centerpiece without compromising their line of sight.

Think about what kind of tables you’re using and decorate based on their shape. A great centerpiece for a rectangular table doesn’t always work well on a circular one. If your table rentals are round, stick to one centerpiece and feel free to play with height. Rectangular tables need multiple centerpieces for a full effect. Keep them narrow to allow space for place settings. 

Use Seasonal Flowers

You may have s specific preference about what kind of flowers you want to use in your bouquets but if they’re out of season, they’re going to cost you. Do some research and talk to your florist about what flours are in bloom during the time of year you’re having your event. Your wallet will thank you later.

Get Creative

If you’re theming your party, don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with your centerpieces! Are you having a Halloween bash? Jack-O’-Lanterns would be a nice touch. Getting married in the fall? Consider a cornucopia full of colorful autumn gourds and bright leaves. 

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