Tips for the Best Linens at Your Wedding

Wedding linens make a wonderful decorative addition to any wedding. Functionally, linens are extremely useful for any kind of dinner event. Table linens catch food crumbs and absorb any accidental spills. When you’re done using them, all you need to do is fold them up and bring them back to your party rental service for cleaning. As handy as they are, easy cleanup isn’t the main reason people love using linens at their weddings.

Easy Transformation

Table linen rentals are the perfect way to bring life to your wedding design. They provide you with the foundation needed to add complementary colors and centerpieces. The right tablecloth color can change the entire look and feel of your venue. Here’s how to utilize linens to transform your wedding in Colorado.

Dark vs Light

Outdoor wedding Colorado

Simple white linens are a great way to bring guests’ attention to their environment during an outdoor wedding.

Does your wedding venue feel dark or small? Using lighter linens will create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Darker toned linens are a wonderful way to bring sophistication to your wedding.

Consider the Season

If you’re not sure about which color you should use, consider which color palettes are on trend for the season in which you are getting married. Not only will they be appropriate for the time of year, but they’ll help you and your guests embrace the climate conditions on the day! For example, choosing bright pastels, sheer fabrics and linens will help people feel cool and calm during the summertime, in contrast to heavier, deep-colored velours, which can be overwhelming in the heat.

Don’t Forget About the Fabric

The type of fabric you use can also add to the overall design of your wedding. If you’re looking to make your wedding simple and elegant, opt for silky fabrics with a sheen. Dense, larger knits should be used to accentuate the feel of a rustic or barn-style wedding.

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