Essential Rentals For A Winter Party

The winter season brings different impressions to different people. Some enjoy the snow and the winter landscapes outside, others like the sweater-weather only inside by a crackling fireplace, while others, count down the days till spring. But luckily, parties are not limited to seasons, so in case you have one to plan and organize soon, these tips will prove useful.

Essential Winter Party Elements

Tent walls for outdoor parties

Adding walls to your tent will help keep in the heat on cold winter days.

Make it easy for yourself, get the right party rentals and the right staff that will make the organizing process (and the event itself) run smoothly. Here are the top essential rentals you need for any party, particularly in winter.

Party Tents

As party experts, we won’t let the cool weather stop you from organizing an amazing party outdoors. That’s why we have tents in multiple sizes, and for winter we recommend walled tents for extra comfort.


Heaters are inevitable for winter parties, especially in tents. Keep your guests nice and cozy with a few heaters. Don’t forget to rent generators if you are in a location that does not have access to power.

Catering Equipment

Renting serving equipment Colorado

Rent beautiful stainless steel catering and serving equipment for your party.

Rarely a party happens without any food or a wide variety of drinks. You want them to keep the food warm and fresh, and the drinks ready and cooled. Get all your catering equipment from a party rental company, and you’ll have dishes, platters, food warmers, matching glassware, flatware, and more at your disposal.

Tables and Chairs

Food and drinks need to be served in something, and guests must have the chance to sit somewhere. Depending on your party or event type, you have the options to choose between many types of tables (round, square, long), and different styles of chairs and stools. You just need to know the number of guests, so you get the right quantity of these items.

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Rent china, flatware, and stemware

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