Ways to Decorate With Christmas Garland

Get your home ready for celebrating a cozy Christmas this week! Here are four ways you can creatively use greenery to decorate for your holiday parties!

Incorporate It Into Your Home

Holiday Party RentalsThere are probably more spots than you realize for adding this festive greenery to your holiday décor. Think outside the box and hang it over oversized artwork and even empty frames. Drape it over a hutch in the dining room, down your banister with simple ribbons, or over a console table. You can also wrap your tree in garland for a unique and lush look.

Accessorize It

Dress up your garland with a few creative additions. Layer several types of garland to add visual interest. Another option is to mix pine and spruce garlands twisted together. That will add dimension and thickness to your garland. You can also incorporate ferns, succulents, magnolia leaves, or even some contrasting florals and fruit (as seen in the photo below!) to make an eye-catching statement.

Front Patio Greenery

We have all seen the garlands draped over the front door. How about piling garland or wrapping it around a flower urn? Adding a vertical element in the middle of a large urn, such as sticks in the center, will balance the arrangement.


To make a wreath, twist the garland into a circle the size of your wreath. Wire together and hang a silk ribbon from the top. You can hang these custom wreaths over mirrors, in the bathroom, or over kitchen cabinets – get creative!!

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We’d love to hear how you’re using garland this Christmas season!




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