Fail-safe Fall Decorations for your Special Event

Fall is a beautiful and great season of the year to host events in Colorado. However, to take advantage of the season’s nuances, it is crucial to know how to decorate your venue. Trends come and go making it easy to fail in selecting the best decorating options for your special event. So, when you are planning an event for the fall, let Colorado Party Rentals guide your steps from color and decorating trends to table and tent size.

How to Decorate Your Fall Special Event

Regardless of the event, you plan to host; these tips can help take your special event to the next level.

Take Advantage of Natural Elements

Using indoor gardens, plants, vines, moss-covered statement pieces, and adding in nature all-around, can provide life to your venue. Use succulents to add life to your accent tables, gift tables, welcome table, and anywhere you want a little pop of vibrancy. You could even source a run-down dresser or night table from a thrift store or garage sale and cover it with things that grow. Give it time and plenty of sunshine and moist air, and you will have created your statement piece!

Use Watercolors

Fall wedding decoration

Follow these great fail-safe fall wedding decoration tips.

Watercolors are often used on invitations, but these aren’t the only place you can display watercolor. Carry this design element to your cake, your table – with DIY watercolor votives – and even your gift table, and brush with watercolor signs. These nuances provide amazing results during Fall.

Consider Using Lace

Even when you think that lace is just for your grandmother’s tea table, using lace is an exciting option that can provide amazing results. Yes, it is feminine, but you can use lace with boldness and certainty. It makes a statement of surety and poise – even for events where men are guests.

Try Color Blocking

Rather than small touches of color here and there, a table would create a larger area of one solid color rather than breaking the colors up and mixing them. Matching opposite colors on the color wheel for impact and using these colors in large blocks (or areas) of surface, can create amazing results. Color blocking can be carried from your invitations to your dessert table. Try using deep tones and jewel tones in fall, and don’t be afraid of gold.

No matter the season or time of the year, Colorado Party Rentals stays on top of the latest trends in event planning! With our professional event planners working for you, you can be assured your fall event will take center stage. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a wedding, Colorado Party Rentals has expert advice to make your event spectacular. Trust us with all of your Denver event rental needs!


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