Wedding Color Mistakes: Neglecting to Give Visual Examples of Theme Colors

Your color palette should be personal and unique to your style. Colors aren’t always easy to describe, and there can easily be miscommunication regarding the right color and the right shade. One of the significant mistakes that couples make when they choose a wedding color is not providing proper visual examples of the colors they love.

Visual examples to vendors

Creating a wedding color palette

Always provide a visual example to get your wedding planner and vendors on the same page.

If you’ve gone to a paint store to look at paint samples, you’ll know just how many hues there are within each color. Shades and hues are essential factors in choosing wedding colors. But before you can start to define your color scheme, you all need to be on the same page. Wedding planners and vendors – like your florists, print shops, designers, caterers, etc. – all need to know what shade of yellow, red, blue, or green you are working with to ensure cohesion. If everyone is working with a different understanding of your exact color palette, your vision is going to look messy. Instead, you want it to flow seamlessly throughout the venue, tying every element together.

If you’re creating a mood board, your color palette should be reflected. The mood board is the perfect visual example of what colors you want and the type of mood and visual effect you are trying to create.

Visual examples to guests

Your vendors and wedding planner must understand your color scheme. But don’t forget to let your guests know so that they too can coordinate their wardrobe. Most guests will want to make sure that they don’t wear something that’s going to clash with your color scheme. If your color scheme is purple, lavender, and pink, guests can easily avoid wearing colors that will blend into the decorations. Instead, they can choose a color that will contrast and complement your color scheme.

Wedding color palette

Let your invitation introduce your color palette so that guests can coordinate their wardrobe.

Invitations Reveal Your Color Scheme

Let your invitations introduce your wedding color scheme. Design invitations that are in the same colors and hues that you want for your wedding. Then there is cohesion from the moment you send the invitations until the last dance at your wedding. If you have a couple of colors, choose the featured colors on the invitation.

Talk to our wedding specialists about choosing your color scheme for your wedding.


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