Everything You Need for a Small and Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Why Have a Small Wedding?

A small, intimate wedding in Colorado is an excellent opportunity for you to focus on the couple’s union and not become distracted by the chaos of large wedding details. There are fewer moving parts with a small wedding, so they’re easier to organize, which can be a great relief to the couple getting married.

wedding couple

Having a small, intimate wedding will let you and your partner enjoy the celebration stress-free.

Benefits of an Intimate Wedding

With a intimate, small wedding, there are many benefits and opportunities for the couple getting married to shift their focus from the busy planning to the actual celebration.

Other benefits include:

  • Having more time to spend with guests
  • Saving money on planning
  • Having money to spend on quality food, drink, entertainment
  • Personal ceremony and celebration

While it may feel some people are missing at your small wedding, you can create beautiful photo opportunities, so you can share great photos with everyone who wasn’t invited.

Find the Right Wedding Rentals in Colorado for You

With your intimate wedding, you can find all the right accessories to ensure the celebration goes off without a hitch and in your ideal way.

You can choose all the right products to rent from event vendors like:

  • Right size tent
  • Long tables for family-style food serving
  • Lighting fixtures to set the scene
  • Decorations to create a romantic ambiance

Small, intimate weddings are beautiful as everyone can see and feel the love of the newlywed couples during their ceremony and the celebration afterward. There won’t be any concern of food or beverage shortages, family or guest drama, or not fitting all guests into the rental tent. You can enjoy a quieter, much less chaotic wedding and keep your focus on your one main duty of the day: getting married.

To learn about where you can find the perfect wedding rentals with everything you’ll need, contact Colorado Party Rentals to get started


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