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 How To Throw a Fabulous Oktoberfest with Colorado Party Rentals!

Fall is one of the best times of year to throw parties. With the crisp cool air, everyone is gearing up for holidays and it’s the perfect time to get everyone together! Colorado Party Rentals has three fabulous party ideas for fall that will perfectly transition you into the holiday season. Our theme for today is Oktoberfest!  The annual traditional oktoberfest begins in late September and ends early October.  This party is for anyone that enjoys a good brew or just an excuse to have a great party!  We will give you the history behind this event and a few tips on throwing the best Oktoberfest in Denver.


The original Oktoberfest began Oct 12, 1810, in Munich, Germany, when a city-wide party was thrown in celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.  The entire city was invited, and they all showed up to view the royal affair. To date, locals and tourists congregate on die Wiesn (the lawn) for the modern rendition of Oktoberfest, which also involves a lot of beer!  One rule of Oktoberfest dictates that all drafts served must originate from one of Munich’s six breweries.  By the end of the 19th century, grand beer halls replaced the modest booths to accommodate the crowd, including musicians and entertainment.

beersHow To Throw an Oktoberfest Party

The German’s know how to party, but you don’t have to travel to Germany to learn how. Oktoberfest is a celebration not only of culture, but of merriment, camaraderie, and togetherness. To duplicate this at your Oktoberfest, set up a community tent with community tables. Instead of chairs, have benches at the tables, much like the true Oktoberfest, creating an environment of camaraderie.


German imported beer can be found stateside. The typical Oktoberfest brews are pale ales, and a few darker, spicier flavored brews to balance the offerings in this drinking extravaganza.

FoodDelicious grilled food

Basic Oktoberfest fare requires brats and pretzels. Sausages, frankfurters, and potato salad are popular staples. In addition to the salty and meaty dishes, German desserts are a must as well! Apple strudel and plum cake are a few. If your party is outside, have multiple tables set around the perimeter serving different dishes, encouraging mingling and requiring guests to walk around rather than congregate around one food table. A pretzel station, a dessert table, the brats station and beer tables would be a few ideas.


Blue and white are the traditional Bavarian colors. Adorn the tables with traditional colors and hang blue and white signs or banners.


For a truly authentic Oktoberfest, you must have musicians and a ‘mayor’ to kick off the merriment. No one may drink until the ‘Mayor’, or party host, declares the ‘Beer has been tapped’! Along with this rousing tradition is the live music and dancing accompanying.

 Call Colorado Party Rentals to Help Plan Your Oktoberfest!

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Whether it’s a neighborhood Oktoberfest or one for your friends, Colorado Party Rentals can help pull this off!  We are Colorado’s premier rental company offering the finest wedding, party, tent and event rentals by providing superior, high quality equipment, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery and setup by a professional staff to help make your event special! Call Today!

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