Things to Consider Before Tenting Your Wedding

A tented wedding opens up the door to many new locations. With the right tent, you can plan your wedding just about anywhere. Wedding tents are like mobile wedding venues, so you can choose a place to have your wedding that has meaning, and features all the elements that you want.

Tented Weddings

Besides giving you more freedom to choose the perfect location for your wedding, a tented wedding is a clean canvas for you to create your exact vision. You don’t have to work with what you have; you can start from scratch for your dream wedding, from the romantic and scenic views, dancing under the starry sky, and getting every little detail right. However, when you start from scratch, there will be some extra work and planning to consider.

Tented weddings

A tented wedding opens up a world of venue possibilities.


Before you start picking out the perfect style of wedding tent and renting decorations, you have to secure permits for your location. A tented wedding can take place anywhere, as long as there is enough room – and a flat surface – but you will need to ask permission. We’ve helped design and plan many tented weddings in Colorado and can help give you insights into great outdoor locations, as well as what you need to get permits.

Total Responsibility

Whether it’s you or your wedding planner, when you have an outdoor tented wedding, you need to design your wedding from the bottom up. When you start with nothing, you have to bring in everything yourself. You have to find every element, every piece of equipment, every decor, and every tiny detail necessary to create your wedding. One of the benefits of working with a wedding venue is that they may have a lot of the things you need onsite. On the other hand, with a tented wedding, you get to make every style and design choice.

Tented wedding

You’ll need electricity if you want to turn on the lights.


A tented wedding may allow you to place the tent in the middle of a meadow surrounded by wildflowers, but there are some challenges to a secluded wedding venue. One problem is access to electricity. Be sure to add generators to your wedding rental list so you can keep your food hot or cold, and turn on some lights.

Preparing for Weather

You can never count on the weather in Colorado. Always make sure that you choose a tent that has walls so that you can shield your wedding from any undesirable weather. Many tents will have walls that have windows. Some are even translucent or transparent; if you need to close up the tent, you won’t be shutting out the view.

Flooring for tented wedding


Even if the weather stays dry, a tent on a grassy surface may not be suitable for everyone. People want to look their best, and that means having great shoes. Make sure that people can wear their heels without incident by having flooring in your wedding tent. If it does rain, the ground could be too soft for anyone to be comfortable, so installing flooring is great for all situations.

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