Camp Out Birthday Party: Sleeping Under the Stars!

Who Said Sleepovers are for Indoor Parties Only?

Plan a sleepover under the stars! Complete with tents and s’ mores, you can camp in your backyard and still feel the comforts of home. For your next birthday party bash, go rustic with a camping theme. Think Girl Scout camping experience, then kick it up a notch with gourmet trail mix and campfire pizza.

Back Yard Campout Party!

3 Steps to Planning the Perfect Backyard Campout Party

1. Send a Creative Invitation 

Begin with the invitation decorated with an outdoors theme. Add cut-outs of tall trees, tents, and a small campfire to get your guests excited about the experience! You may even use a black or dark blue paper as your background to illustrate the night sky, being sure to notify your guests that the campout party will be a sleepover! Include a lot of sleepover essentials. Many online invitation sites offer beautiful camping themes. Check Etsy for even more campout-themed invitations and printable packages.

Tip: Don’t invite too many guests, and don’t overcrowd your tent space. Even if your backyard is large, you’ll want to keep the size of your group manageable for cooking around an open fire and sleeping in tents separate from one another.

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2. Plan activities for your Campout

To keep everyone happy even in the summer heat outdoors, you want to keep the party fun with lots of activities, including water games. Decide on your menu and have all of your essentials handy.  Set up a snack table of easy outdoor items they can grab and snack on. For your gourmet or “make your own” trail mix, fill Mason jars with all of your ingredients and leave plastic spoons out for them to scoop into their bag the ingredients they like. Plan at least a portion of dinner to be cooked over the fire. Prepare something ahead like oven-baked mac and cheese so that the cooking time over the fire doesn’t drag on too long. You don’t want your guests going hungry. Check out the many great campfire meal ideas online.

Plan a basic order of events. You may even want to print it as part of your decor plan. Taping one to a piece of wood and nailing it to a tree will add to your camp theme.

Consider a craft corner as part of your activities. Make a frame for guests to take home and fill it with a picture of your gang! Paint some rocks, or make your own Mason jar lanterns! What a great take-home party favor that will serve your party too; adding a subtle warm glow to your tent-circle.

Include your water games at the warmest part of the late afternoon before dusk. Allow shower time for everyone to cool off and chill out.

Then, it’s dinner and dessert. Who can resist s’ mores?

Create an Outdoor Sleepover this Summer

3. Set Up and Decorate

Plan a tent/sleeping area, a campfire area (not too close to tents), and a game area. Create banners to indicate each zone, and use old/recycled wood to create signs you can hammer into the ground. Hang a sign that reads “Camp _______,” and then insert the name of the birthday girl or boy! Be creative! Make dirt cups with chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos, and then add a gummy worm.

Colorado Party Rentals Has Your Backyard Campout Covered!

Trust us for your backyard party. We can help you make your backyard a comfortable and inviting place to spend the night. Ask us about our string lights and a few extra tables to make your camp experience fun yet convenient!  When you are looking to make your next party easy and fun, call Colorado Party Rentals! We service indoor and outdoor parties all over Colorado!


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