Fun and Necessary Party Favors For Outdoor Summer Parties

We love to work with clients to make sure every detail is perfect for every party and event. Now that we’re heading into summer, the outdoor party scene is heating up. As much as sunshine is good for us, we can also get too much of a good thing — work summertime essentials into your party theme.

Summertime Essentials

Pop up tent

Provide shade for guests with pop up tents.

Protection from the sun is the number one summertime essential. Providing shade is one of the most important things you can give to your guests at an outdoor party. Whether it’s a garden party or in a park or any outdoor area, the sun isn’t going to let up, so be sure to put up some pop-up tents so that guests can get a break.

Fun with Sunscreen

Even if guests come prepared and have lathered on the sunscreen pre-party, sunscreen only lasts so long. Depending on the SPF and the amount of time you spend in the sun, you and your guests will need to reapply. Instead of having a tube of sunscreen tucked away somewhere, why not make it a part of your theme. Rent a bunch of wicker baskets and fill them with little tubes of sunscreen, and have them be a part of your decor. Place them on big fluffy and colorful beach towels for extra effect. That way, your guests can always reapply sunscreen and protect themselves from the sun.

Outdoor summertime party decor

Make summertime essentials part of your party decor.

Hats and Sunglasses

Don’t just stop at the sunscreen. Why not have a bunch of hatstands with wide brim hats, big and small and fun and whimsical. It will make for a great visual in terms of decor, and guests can use the hats to provide shade. The hats will also make for great props for funny and memorable photos. Go a step further and provide funky sunglasses as well. These summertime essentials are both useful and can elevate the visual effect of your party.

Work with Colorado Party Rentals to get everything you need to keep your guests cool and protected for an outdoor party.

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