Graduation Party Rentals in Denver

Celebrating our graduate with pomp and circumstance

Graduation party rentals in Denver

Make your graduation party fun and carefree.

We’re nearing graduation season, and that means you have to start planning a graduation party for your high school or college grad. However, since it’s graduation season across the nation, every parent is raiding the shelves at local party supply stores to get the decorations they need. Don’t get stuck with the leftovers, come to Colorado Party Rentals and get everything you need for an unforgettable graduation party.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Graduation signals the ending of one “era“ and the beginning of a new, more exciting one. Why not take a trip back to your most important moments in school life, by creating a photo timeline or making a photo wreath that will be displayed at the entrance. The first day of school, first high-school Halloween, memories from the spring break with friends, anything that has a value to you or your grad.

School Colors

It’s not a new idea, but picking school colors to create a color theme for your graduation party is a time-honored tradition. However, since it’s a classic, make sure you get to the party rental supply shop in time before all your school colors are gone. Remember, every other parent at the school is thinking that same thing. So if your school colors are green and gold, make sure you get there early, so you don’t have to settle for turquoise and yellow.

Last Chance to be a Kid

When a teen graduates from high school, it’s an obvious choice to create a “grown-up” party. To aim for a theme that reflects the child growing up and becoming an adult, heading out into the big scary world of college. Why not go in the opposite direction and create a graduation party theme that celebrates childhood? Your kids are going to have the rest of their lives to be adults. Why not have one last hurrah where you get to act like a kid, have fun, and be carefree?

Party Games for Graduation Parties

Bring out the kid in everyone with candy apples and cotton candy.

Bring out the kid in everyone with candy apples and cotton candy.

Create a carnival-like atmosphere with cotton candy, candied apples, pretzels, hot dogs, and activities for all the guests. Skip the grown-up sit-down dinner and fill your backyard with fun and games to bring out the kid in everyone. Of course, decorate with silly hats and masks that will make for fun photo opportunities for all of your guests. A graduation party is a great time to create some lasting memories before embarking on the next chapter in life.

Graduation party rentals in Denver, Colorado

Colorado Party Rentals is your one-stop shop for all of your graduation party needs. We have tables, chairs, and linens in every color, as well as lighting, games, tents, and any other equipment you need for any graduation party theme. Celebrate your teen’s graduation in style with the help of the CPR team.


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