It’s All in the Details: Welcoming Your Guests With a Signature Cocktail

Every wedding should be a reflection of the couple and their personalities. The signature cocktail has become a popular wedding trend, allowing couples to create one more element that will represent their journey and reflect special moments in their relationship leading up to the wedding.  A signature cocktail can also add a decorative element, and perhaps even some romantic and whimsical pops of color and style.

Signature cocktail

Create a signature cocktail!

Creating a signature cocktail

You don’t have to reinvent the margarita to create a signature cocktail. Use elements that have meaning to both of you, using ingredients that relay a particular memory or says something about the two of you as a couple. Keep it simple because you still want the cocktail to taste good. Think about colors and textures, like garnishes and umbrellas, that you can use to dress up the cocktail to flow with the rest of your wedding theme.

Cocktail Decor

Your signature cocktail can be one that is already invented. Maybe you met on a beach drinking Mojitos, and you want to incorporate that memory into your wedding. While the Mojito is something we all recognize, you can personalize the cocktail by creating signature cocktail decorations.


Personalize and brand cocktail napkins to go with each cocktail. Add a funny tag-line or an inside joke or phrase that has special meaning to your relationship. Having a logo created for your wedding is another way to keep the branding consistent and personalize every detail.

Bar Menu

Rent cocktail tables for wedding reception

Use linens to give your cocktail tables a beautiful silhouette.

Make decorative and creative bar signs that feature your signature cocktail and your wedding logo. Using chalkboards add a charming, yet elegant vibe to your decor. It’s the little details that will be the most memorable to your guests. Decorative bar menus can also be printed on personalized stationery for extra decorative detail.

Cocktail Table Decor

Vamp up the cocktail tables with linens and decorative touches. Think about elevating the silhouette of the cocktail table with textured linens, bows, or other decorative elements.

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