The Right Type of Tent for Every Outdoor Event

Outdoor summertime events in Colorado all have one thing in common; they need to be tented. There’s a perfect tent for every occasion, whether it’s a block party, farmers market, festival, fair, wedding, or any other special event. From simple pop-up tents to grand sail cloth peak tents, here’s our guide to tenting your next event.

Tented Events

For casual gatherings and events, the simple pop-up tent can give you the coverage you need without a lot of pomp and circumstance. Pop-up tents are typically easy to set up and take down and are an easy solution to get protection from the elements. They are perfect for block parties, picknicks, backyard BBQs, and even backyard weddings.

Pop up tent rentals

Pop-up tents are perfect for a daytime outdoor event.

Century Pole Tents

If you need a little more room to work with, the pole tent is a step up from the pop-up tent. However, you do need to account for a center pole, especially if you’re arranging for a sit-down dinner or some seated elements under a pole tent. Make sure you arrange the seating so that the center pole does not become an obstruction.

Pop-up and Frame Tents

Both pop-up tents and frame tents are perfect for events that are more low key. Of course, any tent can be elevated with decorations, draping, and additional accessories. Another aspect of the pop-up tents and frame tents is that they are perfect for creating various sections for different elements. For an outdoor event, you can control the crowd with a strategic layout of tents.

You can have tents that are used for various elements, like coverage for food, or coverage for people eating the food. Help the crowd move about the open space by having different tents set up for different uses.

Wedding Tents

Depending on the theme of your wedding, all tents can become a beautiful wedding tent; it all depends on the way you decorate. You can choose a larger century pole tent or frame tent if you want your outdoor wedding tent to house the entire reception, or you can set up a few different tents – one for the reception, one for dancing and music, and one for the bar area. Think about what you want inside the tent to determine the type of frame tent that is right for you.

Festival and wedding tents

Festival tents are glamorous and dramatic and make a great visual for a formal wedding.

Translucent tents

Double down on the romance with a translucent tent. The translucent tent top will add a graceful, delicate, and ethereal quality to your wedding or special event.

Translucent event tent

The translucent feature will add a sense of delicate romance to your wedding.

Clear top tents

There are many star and moon metaphors that we use to express unconditional and eternal love for someone. The clear top tent can literally give you the stars and the moon, allowing the beautiful night sky to twinkle down on you as you say your “I dos”.

Clear top wedding tent

Incorporate the moon and the stars in your wedding with a clear top tent.

Decorating the Frame of a Tent

You can decorate the tent frame and poles with drapery, flowers, and other decors to make the tent more romantic. Fabric can also be draped from the ceiling to create a more wedding like atmosphere. Drapery can also make the space under the tent more intimate.

Luxurious and Grand Event Tents

Big peak tents are classic tents for festivals and fairs. The tall peaks and swooping curves add luxury and grandeur to any event, especially a wedding. For a formal wedding, the festival tents will add a stunning visual to your event.

If you are hosting a festival or professional event, the peak tents can house many vendors and booths inside, but will also make for a spectacular first impression as people are arriving at your event. Making a great impression is always good for business.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we’ve tented just about any type of outdoor event. Talk to our event specialists about the right tent for your next outdoor event.


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