Guilt Free and Eco-Friendly Flowers For Your Wedding Day

No matter the style of your wedding, there have to be flowers. With eco-consciousness being the height of fashion, infiltrating every aspect of our lives, many are looking for the most eco-friendly way to fill your wedding with flowers. Many mistakenly think that going green for your wedding means you have to design a rustic and eclectic wedding. However, you can find environmentally friendly flowers for every wedding style.

Eco-friendly wedding flowers

Find out when your favorite flowers are in season and plan your wedding date around your flowers.

Eco-friendly Wedding Flowers

From the centerpieces, decorations, and bouquet, flowers are one of the biggest components of a wedding. They are also a big part of your budget. But, going green with your wedding flower arrangement can meet all your expectations, and might even save you big on your flower budget. Yes, eco-friendly wedding flowers are both cost-effective and good for the planet.

Local Flowers

One way to cut back on the environmental impact of your wedding flowers is to shop locally. Transportation and preservation of many popular flowers have a huge impact on the planet. Since many wedding flowers are imported, the flower industry uses an enormous amount of energy and resources producing, transporting, and storing flowers. You can make a big difference by using locally sourced flowers from local florists.

What’s in Season

The flower industry also uses a lot of energy preserving and storing flowers that are out of season. You can minimize the environmental impact by choosing flowers that are in season. Similarly, choose flowers that are in season, and also a native to your area. The less distance your flowers have to travel to get to their final destination, the better it is for the environment.

Plan Your Wedding in the Right Season

Some couples have dreamed about their flower arrangements their whole lives. If you must have a certain local flower at your wedding, find out when it is in season, and plan your wedding around your favorite local flower. Talk to local florists to find out when certain local flowers are in season before you set your wedding date.

Use Every Part of the Flowers

Sometimes we cut off a lot of the flowers to create beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. Instead of tossing the greenery and leaves that you discard, use them to decorate the tables or other parts of the room. By using every part of your flowers you are showing respect for nature.

Use Potted Plants

Eco-friendly wedding flowers

Use every part of the flowers in your wedding decor.

Potted plants make for great decorations, from centerpieces to adorning the wedding venue in flowers. Some places will even rent potted plants. You can feel good knowing that the plants at your wedding will be taken care of and continue living long after your wedding.

Cost-Effective Wedding Flowers

Shopping locally and buying seasonal flowers is also cost-effective. Talk to local florists about your ideas for flowers at your wedding. They may be able to give you a great deal on local, seasonal blooms if you buy in bulk. If you work with a wedding planner, they may have already had a great relationship with several local florists and can save you on your wedding flowers.

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