What’s Hot for Winter Weddings

While some brides-to-be think that summer is the best time of year for a wedding, winter weddings have the potential to become that spectacular event that will be remembered with only a few simple touches. Winter weddings have a long list of their own “pros.” Sure, the temperatures may be low, but you can find some great deals in this less reserved time of year for venues and vendors! Winter weddings have more potential than a simple indoor ceremony. Consider your many options to take this chilly season from blah to glam! This is the glamorous girl’s opportunity to go for the sparkle and shine. Winter gives you the chance to play with colors adding pops of glitz here and there playing on the natural twinkle in nature at this time of year. In other words, you can easily turn your wedding into a magical winter fairytale.

Don’t worry that your choices are limited to holiday colors and themes. Red and green may work for a Christmas party, but too much of this classic holiday combo and you may not achieve the feel you are looking for.

Winter Wedding Decór

Winter Wedding Decorating can take on just about any color theme you like!

1. Twinkle and Glitz: White and gray base with silver, crystal, and glass accents. Mix your whites with just about anything that sparkles! Add silver and crystals and watch plain old white turn to spectacular sparkle as if in a winter fairytale!

wedding table setup for winter2. Pastel and Pop: Winter options allow you to choose from a wide selection of soft colors and add accents of silver to achieve the twinkling look of light bouncing of freshly fallen snow. The pastel color theme isn’t reserved for spring weddings. Choose mint, lavender and soft blues, and add pearlescent, and iridescent accents to mimic morning snow. Add pops of silver to set off the iridescent colors and create the feel of winter wonder all around.

3. Warm and Welcoming: Choose just about any color of the rainbow and then take that color to its deepest and warmest hue on the color wheel. Do you like purple? Try taking that purple to a deeper plum, and accent with gold and mustard. Are you a fan of blue? Choose a deeper shade of navy or nearly navy and add touches of gray and silver. Even green can be done tastefully and in a “non-Christmas way” by choosing the deepest hue and accenting with another “non-Christmas” color like plum, gold, or silver.

What’s hot for winter weddings is completely up to you. Winter doesn’t mean a plain white wedding theme. Get creative and make your winter wedding day sparkle!


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