How to Host a Dinner Party Successfully

Have you ever wanted to hold a dinner party that would impress your guests? Shock and awe them by following these tips and setting one epic dinner table and host a conversation-worthy party.

glassware 6

Rent elegant glassware or other party elements you need

Display Your Finest Pieces

This is the best time to bring out that fine china and vintage champagne flutes your grandmother passed down to you. Have no fear; your guests will be on their best behavior if your table looks beautiful.

Absolutely No Disposables!

Out of the question! If you are looking to impress, do not set or use anything disposable. Pour the drinks into fine glasses and put the food on the plates in the kitchen.

Flowers, Delicate Flowers!

Whatever you do, do not forget flowers. It is a must item on your list. An underwhelming amount of flower arrangements will make your table look poor and less inviting. We recommend you use small arrangements as centerpieces to fill multiple areas. That way, all your guests get to enjoy a little bit of them.

Incorporate Linens in Layers ideas table setup

Success when designing a table is found in layering. A simple tablecloth works fine on its own, but if you layer linens on top of each other, it will add a luxe feel. Don’t be afraid to roll out a runner, use a napkin under the centerpiece, or even lace doilies for drama.


Ensure the dining room is well lit by layering various sources of soft lighting from different angles. The room and your guests’ faces will glow when you dim the lights and light candles all around the room. Plus, it makes it feel fancier.

Conversation Pieces

Talking about drama, a dinner party is only as successful as the conversation, so place a conversation piece or two on the table. That way, you give your guests easy icebreaking topics. outdoor fireplace

If you are found lacking in any of these areas to throw your bash, please contact us, and we will help you set up the dinner party that is worthy of a magazine spread. We love everything about organizing the best parties!

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