Choosing Linens and Dishware for Your Party

When you plan a party, there’s no limit to the ideas that you come up with. Depending on the type of party to the types of guests to the occasion you are celebrating, there are obvious decorating choices. However, isn’t it time to think outside the box? Not every wedding has to be white, and not every child’s birthday party has to be a rainbow of colors. At Colorado Party Rentals, we have a huge selection of tableware, linens, glassware, and party decorations to make all of your party ideas come to life.

Choosing the Color Palette for Linens

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If you are serving buffet style, you just need some glassware and napkins to decorate the table. Dishware should be by the buffet table.

Having matching linens, glasses, and tableware is the quickest way to transform a bunch of plastic tables and chairs into something special. The right choice of colors will set the mood for the party, so take a minute to think about what feeling goes along with your color choices.

Pinks and reds will often signify love and romance. But don’t stop there. You can also pick warm and calming colors like soft beige, orange, or you can choose cooler colors in shades of blue, teal green, or violet. Combine those with white or another light background color. Of course, you can never go wrong with a more subdued and neutral color palette and choose brown, ivory, or even gray.

Matching Tableware with Glasses

Once you’ve chosen the linens, it’s time to pick the right tableware and glasses to complete the table setting. Again, you want to match your table setting to the type of party you are throwing. If you are having a casual affair with a buffet, then you want to simply set up tables with linens and a few decorations, but leave the tableware on the buffet table. You want to make it as easy for your guests as possible.

For more formal affair where you’ll be serving the food table-side, you’ll need to think about what you will be serving and then get the appropriate dishware.

If you are serving white wine and red wine with various courses, be sure to have the right glassware already set up at each place setting.

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The main plate at a formal dinner party event, like a wedding or anniversary, is called the “charger.” Your guests won’t be eating off of this plate; it is the plate where each course will be placed. So, be sure to match the charger plate to the service plates.

Get Creative with Table Settings

Of course, you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules of tableware etiquette. No one is going to fault you for neglecting the salad fork, and if you have an eclectic style, why not let that show in your table setting? Mixing and matching plates can give your party a funky and bohemian vibe, while still being a formal occasion.

Linens, decorations, dishware, and glasses for every occasion

Colorado Party Rentals has a large variety of linens, decorations, dishware, and glassware for every occasion. Talk to a party planner about finding the perfect color scheme to set the right tone and mood for your party. Let your imagination be your guide, and we’ll do everything in our power to make your vision come to life.

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