Wedding Lighting Design: How to Enhance the Romance

Designing a wedding is all about creating an ambiance and atmosphere. Lighting evokes emotion and can help tell a story, as well as set the mood. To get the right light, you have to think objectively.

Wedding Lighting Design

Thinking objectively about lighting means that you have to consider the goal and purpose of each type of light. What mood are you trying to create? What purpose does each type of lighting have to fulfill? How will the lighting change as you move from day to night? Once you’ve set your lighting goals, you can start to think about the type of lighting that will accomplish each goal.

Romantic lighting design tricks

Create a romantic ambiance with lighting.

Mood Lighting for a Wedding

The main objective of the overall lighting design is to create the right mood and ambiance. The style of wedding can affect the lighting, but one thing all wedding lighting has in common is creating romantic lighting. Mood lighting can also have a fantastic effect on a generic wedding venue, turning a boring ballroom into a wedding full of romance and enchantment.


One trick that lighting designers use to create the right ambiance is uplighting. Uplighting is placing lights on the ground, with the light source pointing the light upward. This direction of lighting is excellent for creating a romantic mood.

Uplighting at wedding

Uplighting enhances the romantic ambiance.

Consider Color

Although a wedding is typically pure and white, your lightbulbs don’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to play with color for your lighting design to create the right mood. Colors can also change the appearance of the venue, highlighting features that you love and hiding features that you don’t like.

Highlight Decor

Using some spotlighting in combination with your uplighting can enhance the style of your wedding. Spotlighting can also highlight specific decor that you want to be featured. When guests are eating and want to have some lighting to see what they are doing, spotlighting will also come in handy. Find spotlighting that is limited to certain areas, so you don’t ruin the rest of your lighting design with a flood of light.

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