Hottest Wedding Food Trend for 2019

Food trends change from season to season, year to year. Choosing your wedding food will help create a mood and a vision that compliments your wedding. Food is sensual and teases all of your senses, so it’s no wonder that it plays a considerable part in wedding planning. Here is the hottest wedding food trend for 2019.

Wedding food trends

The food should match the ambiance and theme of the wedding.

Presentation presentation presentation

People love to take photos of food, so make sure your wedding menu can live up to the high standards of social media. When we’re talking food, it’s not about location, location, location, but presentation, presentation, presentation. Make your wedding food a sensual and emotional experience. Elevate the physical presentation of the food, as well as the flavor profile. How you present and display your food can add new layers to the ambiance and overall feel of your wedding. You may want to have a more casual and comforting wedding menu, but the presentation should still be spectacular.

What does your wedding taste like?


Wedding food trends 2019

Presentation is everything!

Think about how food can complete your wedding vision. When you describe your wedding, what kind of flavors compliment the wedding theme. Consider foods that have energy and emotion — using food to make your wedding a complete sensory experience. Food can be whimsical and fun, bold and bright, or comforting and warm. When you talk to a wedding caterer, use the same descriptive guide words that you use to decorate and design your wedding.


Dietary Restrictions

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based diets aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We’re probably heading towards a heightened desire to eat fresh and clean. Create a menu that takes these dietary restrictions into account and make sure everyone has something to eat. Using fresh and local ingredients will elevate the flavor profile of your food, as well as the presentation.

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