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Tips for The Best Fall Decor with Colorado Party Rentals!

Autumn is one of the best times of year, with fall colors and textures, fall provides the best décor items for any event!  Colorado Party Rentals gives tips on incorporating fall elements into your event!  One can bring a bit of fall simply in by just a few key ingredients. Weddings, receptions, or any other event large or small, we have ideas for centerpieces and decorating ideas.

outdoors10-1Fall Foliage

Floral arrangements can be used simply or in elegant affairs.   By using fall foliage in floral arrangements, your event will convey the perfect fall atmosphere. If your event has a rustic theme, choose fall arrangements with a lot of texture. If you prefer to just give a nod to fall, add in some figs and dried greenery in your floral arrangements or table centerpieces. Feathers add a touch of class to fall and winter events. Use peacock feathers, or any brown hued feather in arrangements to bring in a touch of fall. If you are hosting your event in a tent, project leaf patterns in a flattering amber hue onto the ceiling, to bring the warmth of outside in.


An elegant addition to more formal events is the white pumpkin. White pumpkins can be purchased, or you can spray paint one, just be sure you don’t paint the stem! Heirloom pumpkins are quite beautiful with soft muted tones of purple, green, blue, white and even yellow and red. These can be used group together as a centerpiece, or initials carved out of the side, revealing a soft orange pumpkin flesh! If you aren’t confident in your carving abilities, just use a stencil with a little gold metallic paint!

Use Fruit

Fruit is one of the by products of fall, and evokes memories of past autumn’s in one’s life. One way to incorporate fruit into your décor is by dispersing sparingly throughout the event. Apples placed on silver platters or bowls, or even used as seating cards at place settings. You could place figs, still on the stem, as place settings delicately sitting atop napkins.   Artichokes could be used in floral arrangements, or in a garland on a long table.

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