How To

Plan a Styled Shoot

Whether you are a planner, venue, caterer, florist, or an event rentals company, you can benefit from styled shoots by highlighting your items/services and making new connections and relationships with other vendors! Planning your own styled shoot is a terrific way to showcase your creativity or highlight your latest items. There are many aspects that go into planning a successful styled shoot. 

set your goals

The first step in your planning process should be to determine what you are trying to accomplish with your shoot. Maybe you want to attract new clients, present new rental items you offer, or showcase the versatility of your venues event spaces.

choose a theme

Depending on your goal you will have different themes. If you’re a catering company and don’t have any western themed décor, you don’t want to plan a Retro Western Welcome Party shoot. If you’re a planner and all your current clients are into the classic traditional style and your goal is to attract new unique different couples, you'll then choose a less traditional styled shoot theme to diversify your portfolio. It’s important that your theme is cohesive with what you want to accomplish, but also that you are capable of!

Styled shoots require a team of vendors!

Build your dream team:

The first vendor you’ll need to figure out your venue, you can't hold a styled shoot without a location! Then from there you’ll want to hire a photographer, rental company, and possibly a caterer, models, hairstylist, and a makeup artist. Just like picking a theme, you'll want to choose your other vendors carefully. You want vendors you trust and who have the same vision as you to ensure the styled shoot goes of without a hitch and has a cohesive look!

plan the details

Since shoots have many moving parts you will need to plan everything down to the tiniest of details, just like any other event. Make sure to make a detailed timeline of the day to ensure your shoot stays on schedule and all the vendors know what they need to be doing. You will also need to make a shot list to get all the photos each vendor wants to receive.

Example Timeline

8:00am – CPR to arrive to Lyon Farmette
– Set Both Lounges
– Set Farm Table 
9:00am – Photographer to arrive
9:00-9:30am Photograph Lounge 1
9:30-10:00am – Photograph Lounge 2
10:00am-10:30 – Photograph Natural Bar Set Up
10:30am – 11:00am – Photograph Navy Bar Set
11:00am – 11:30am – Photograph Farm Table
12:00pm – Shoot End, Rentals Picked Up

Example Shot list

– Grandmas Plant/Lamp Lounge Set
– Modern Navy and Yellow Lounge Set
– Moody Fruit Farm Tablescape
– Light Vineyard Bar and Gold Backbar
– Dark and Moody Navy Blue Bar

be prepared

Ensure you arrive at the shoot with all the tools and equipment you will need to fulfill your part of the styled shoot. Be prepared for anything to happen. Just like events, things come up so you might have to adapt, and problem solve on the spot

Pro tip

  • Some shoots require a long day on your feet so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your water bottle, and a small snack! 
  • Make a Styled shoot “Emergency Kit” with things like lighters, fishing line, tape, sewing kit, scissors. 
  • Have fun! This is the prefect way to showcase what you’re good at!

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