How to Tie the Knot in a Hurry

You and your other half want to get married, but there is a problem, time. How will you manage everything when you are so short of it. Is it possible to plan a wedding in less than three months? Rest assured that not only is it possible, but with the help of Colorado Party Rentals, it is possible to do it exuberantly.

it may not be exactly what you dreamed of, but it does not mean it will not be lovely.

The Location

What comes first, you may ask? Well, there is a dress,  the guests, and the location are the three main points you need to think about at the beginning. You will need to be creative and to think out of the box, and all may not turn out to be exactly as you would have liked, but be sure it will be lovely, and it will be a success.


Does someone in your family or circle of friends have a large garden? It should be considered, if not, maybe a nice restaurant or a local park would work. Accept that it may not be precisely what you dreamed of, but it does not mean it will not be absolutely lovely.

Guest List

If the big day is three months away, that still gives you ample time to send paper invites. Do it as soon as possible so that people have time to get the time off and organize their traveling arrangements. You can do it by email to save some time. Everybody will understand, and that way you may reach those who are far away at the same time. There are some gorgeous designs online that you can download. Some may not be able to make it, so try and not be too disappointed. 

Shopping for the Attire

Shopping for wedding attire should be more fun than stress. You probably won’t have the time to order your wedding gown from a bridal salon, as they take at least six months to deliver. Check vintage shops, why not choose a white bridesmaid dress, visit department stores, look online, etc. You may even find something fit for a dream and will be surprised by the available choices out there. For the groom, it is always a lot easier to find a suit, and again

let us make it all work out for you.

Come and visit Denver Party Rentals

vintage shops may be the ideal solution.

Officiant & Marriage License

You may not know that there are many people who are authorized to legally marry you, apart from a member of the clergy: a judge, a justice of the peace, a captain, or ordained friend, to mention just a few. Get on your phone, and you’ll be amazed at how fast this will be sorted. Finally, there is so much to do, make sure not to forget your license! The courthouse will provide it for you within a few days.

Come and visit Denver Party Rentals, and let us make it all work out for you. We can take care of everything for you, from the wedding tents, linens, chairs, plates, we organize everything that you will need.

For more information and peace of mind, come and visit our showroom in Denver, or give us a call. We understand and care for your wishes and will make your wedding day the best day of your life. Leave the worrying to us, so you can concentrate on choosing guests and gowns.

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