Ice Carving Tips for Your Wedding

Ice carving always adds drama, yet elegance to the event. It can be displayed in the foyer, on the gift table, alongside the cake, or at the end of the bridal table. Size and room layout also influences where the sculpture should go.

Where to start when it come to ice sculptures

When looking for an ice carver, always keep in mind that most sculptures will request at least a four-week notice for delivery. Also, know that they will likely ask for a deposit to secure your event on their calendar.

You can choose between hand-carved sculpture of crystal-clear ice, which provides a diamond-like sparkle, or tinted ice, which is more affordable and can include beautifully embedded items like flowers. For weddings, most artists prefer the superior clarity of hand-carved sculptures.

Favorite picks among customers

ice sculptures for your weddingThe classic swan still stays at the top of the list as the most popular ice sculpture for weddings. Other old-time favorites are wedding bells, kissing swans, dolphins, intertwined hearts, champagne bottles, bride and groom sculptures, fairytale castles or carriages, and stringed harps, along with the always crowd-pleasing and affordable liquor luges.


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