Fabulous Weddings Trends 2016

2016 clearly states that brides are now much more interested in going down the aisle their own creative way. Couples today want a wedding that displays who they are while proving a fun experience for their guests.

Metallics Are In for the long Run

Depending on how and where you bring metallics into the decor of your celebration, they can be whimsical, elegant, ethereal, or even natural. No matter the venue or theme of your wedding, designers across the country say rose gold came to stay and will show up in every detail, from table linens to rings.

Courtney-Evan-Wedding-0190-XLDestination Memories 

The “destination wedding” is a new popular theme. Many couples are increasingly looking for fun and creative ways to bring in details of places that hold special memories for them — no matter where the actual wedding is being held, they want to create an ambiance that feels like you are in their special place while keeping it romantic and trendy.

Intimate Table Seating

Couples are now swapping the reception layout based on large, round tables, and leaning towards very long, rectangular tables, which provides a more intimate vibe. Some are even adding lounge areas that include comfortable and relaxed seating options.

flower trends 2016Simple and Fabulous Flowers

Arrangements that showcase both the flowers that are in season and those which are local are gaining traction. Sometimes couples request a “wild” look, referring to freshly picked blooms, where you can mix big and small blossoms in more than one color. Some savvy couples are even asking florists to incorporate elements like fragrant herbs (mint or basil) or coffee beans to add fragrance to the tables.

Flower Opt-Out

Succulents, potted trees, ferns, lavender sprigs, and decorative leaves such as magnolia and begonia — these beautiful plants can become the main point of the decoration. Be bold, be creative, and follow your instinct. 2016 comes with a great variety of options for couples to explore their own style.

We are very excited for this new trend, and we would love to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Visit our website and check out all our products and services.


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