Ideas For Hosting A Spring Fling Fundraiser!

With fundraising for the next year on the horizon, Colorado Party Rentals helps you plan ahead your Spring events with all types of rentals and party planning ideas.

In today’s post, we give a few tips in throwing a spring fling fundraiser for your company.

Reserve a Locationevents in morning

Your spot should generally be booked six months in advance. If you are raising money for a charitable cause, many event centers will donate facilities or discount the space. Bruce Whitacre, executive director of the National Corporate Theatre Fund, advises searching for unusual space for people to enjoy for its own sake, such as a park, historic home, or zoo.

Seeking Sponsorships

Shannon Gilbert, a director of development at the March of Dimes in Virginia, says a fundraiser’s locale and community ties should play a role in the type of event and group sponsors, which help fund the event. Corporate sponsorships help defray the cost. Ms. Gilbert says, ‘ We ask who our committee knows and have them set up meetings and ask’. The connection genuinely helps.

Budget Budget Budget!

The point of a fundraiser is to raise funds, so the spending has to be extremely well documented and controlled. Establish a budget for the event before you begin planning. Start with the largest expenses and work backwards.

Party Tent at nightFundraiser Ideas

Spring brings in the beautiful weather to enjoy the outdoors, which makes your event that much more enjoyable. Take advantage of the time of year! Carnival night with concession stands, an outdoor starlit dinner and dancing gala, chili cook-off, sports tournament or a formal ball are a few ideas. Get together with your committee and brainstorm a few creative spots and activities!

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