Ideas for Thanksgiving Family Traditions


In the midst of shopping, turkey, football, and baking it can be easy to miss the meaning of the holiday we celebrate.  Thanksgiving is a day meant to give thanks.  Colorado Party Rentals gives a few ideas for incorporating family activities into your Thanksgiving Day traditions.  Easy enough for kids, yet entertaining for adults as well!  Take time to give thanks as a family with these creative activities!

Thankful Jar

Grab a glass mason jar and label the front, ‘Jar of Thanks’.  Place strips of paper and pens inside.  Place the jar in a common area, where people will be gathered.  Encourage guests to write a few entries for things they are greatful for.  Place the strips of paper back inside the jar.  At dessert, have each guest read one and have to then guess who wrote it!

Garland of GratefulnessThanksgiving celebration word cloud

Draw or trace leaf shapes onto different colored construction paper.  Cut them out.  Place the leaves in a basket with markers.  Have each person write one thing they are thankful for on a leaf.  The more leaves the better!  As each guest comes in, have him or her write the same.  Before the meal, use binder clips or mini clothespins to hang the leaves on a piece of twine.  Hang over your mantle or in a window.

Verbalize It!

Hearing gratitude is so rare in today’s society.  Why not encourage everyone to speak out at the dinner table something they are greatful for.  If everyone knows each other at the table, have each person share one thing they are thankful for in the person sitting next to them.  Another way you can encourage thankfulness is to have a white tablecloth spread over your table and provide felt tip pens.  Have each guest write  the phrase, ‘ I am thankful for…’ and fill it in.  Even kids can get involved on this one!

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