It’s All in the Details: Creating Wedding Worthy Photo Opportunities

Everywhere you look at a wedding someone is taking a selfie, group photo, or video. Make sure that you serve up great wedding photo opportunities. A few simple decorative details can make a selfie stand out.

Wedding photo ideas

Provide props to elevate each wedding photo.

Your wedding on social media

These days you can’t control the photos that others share from your wedding. Therefore, it’s up to you to set up photo stations that will help create stylised images that you’ll love to see online. If you have specific areas that are designed for great wedding photos, then you have a better way to control the type of pictures that are shared.


Create a # for your wedding. If everyone uses the same # for your wedding when they post on social media, you can quickly go back the next day and see what everyone is sharing and liking.

Framing the photo

Wedding Photos

Rent a photo booth and make a wall to pin photos taken throughout the evening.

Think about a flower wall or a funky, oversized, picture frame that will help frame each photo and make sure they all fit into the theme of your wedding. You can also use your ceremony arch, or recreate a version of your wedding arch to frame each photo.


Who doesn’t love props? Add some whimsy and fun to each photo by having props handy. Oversized lips, mustaches, talk bubbles with wedding-inspired quotes, hats, and other fun items will invite more people to take a photo, and make your wedding photos special.

Renting a Photo Booth

Having a photo booth is always going to be fun for your guests, and give you some cool wedding memorabilia to take with you. Another hot wedding photo trend is to have a photo wall where people can pin or hang their photos that will create a fun element at your wedding. Taking a photo together with silly props is a great way to bring people together and get the conversation started.

Rent wedding decor to create spectacular photo opportunities.


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