Making Your Remote Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Picture Perfect

Colorado has some of the most scenic outdoor wedding venues in the world. With couples wanting something that is exclusive and personal, many are looking outside of traditional wedding venues and choosing remote, yet breathtaking locations to take their vows. Before your remote wedding ceremony fantasy comes true, you need to think ahead and take care of a few practical things.

Remote Wedding Venues

Wedding ceremony rentals

Rent arches to frame your wedding ceremony.

Everything you could possibly imagine in an outdoor wedding scene you can find in Colorado. Getting married surrounded by misty snowcapped mountains, miles of meadows lush with wildflowers, and the sound of running water or a glassy lake in the distance are wonderfully romantic elements that will set the tone of your wedding, as well as make for some spectacular wedding photos. Although nature will take care of much of the decorations and ambiance, you still need to add a few elements to frame your wedding ceremony.

Framing Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

You don’t want to block out any of the natural scenery, but you can add decorative elements that will frame your wedding ceremony and direct people’s attention in the right direction. Nature should be the backdrop, not the focal point. Renting wedding ceremony arches and runners are simple and effective ways to direct the eyes of your guests,  making sure that you are the center of attention.

Solid Ground

Another important factor is having solid ground to place chairs for your guests. Where and how you are going to seat your guests should be taken into consideration before settling on a remote wedding venue. Asking your guests to find a place to stand on uneven ground, or leaning on a cliffside may be more troublesome in the long run. If you have older guests it may not be an option for them to stand. Think about how you will incorporate seating.

Delivering Wedding Rentals

Once you’ve secured a venue that checks all of your boxes – remote, scenic, exclusive, romantic, etc. – you need to secure a rental company that will deliver your wedding equipment to your location. This is also a time when you want to make sure that you have plenty of hands on deck to set up and break down the chairs, arches, runners, and decorations once the ceremony is over and your guests have moved on to the reception venue.

Wedding rentals


The biggest factor in a wedding program derailing is not thinking about transportation to and from your wedding, especially if you have chosen a remote location off the beaten path. To make sure that people don’t get lost or are delayed, arrange for shuttles to bring your guests to and from the ceremony. Hiring local transportations means that you have a local driver who is familiar with the area. Guests that are coming from out of town will appreciate not having to navigate around a strange city in their finest wedding attire, and you will be much less stressed knowing that your guests are being transported to your wedding. A remote location may also not have adequate parking for all of your guests to drive themselves, shuttles are more eco-friendly, and you avoid anyone having to choose between champagne toasts and driving home.

No wedding is too big, too small, or too remote for Colorado Party Rentals. Choose from the finest wedding equipment in the region, and be sure to arrange for drop off, set up, break down, and pick-up to make your remote wedding ceremony picture perfect.


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