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Setting the bar for summer parties

Now that we’re finally able to throw outdoor parties, it’s time to start planning so that your party doesn’t get lost in the summer party shuffle.

Planning the summer party of the season

Get your invites out early for your summer party.

Everyone loves a good summer party

There are so many options for throwing a summer party. You can be indoors or outdoors. You can go from day to night, or night to day. They can be formal, casual, or romantic depending on the occasion. However, one thing we’ve learned from our years (and years) in the event and party planning industry is that everyone loves a good summer party. Everyone is falling over each other to throw the first party of the season and set the standard for every other party. If you want to lead the pack, make sure you get your invites out early!

Location, location, location

Just like your friends’ social calendars are going to fill up fast, the best locations are also going to be in high demand. Make sure you book your venue in plenty of time so that you get your first choice of venue.

Rent tents and party equipment

Colorado party rentals for summer parties

We’ve got the finest party tents in Colorado to make your summer party a success.

Once you have your guest list and your location, it’s time to start having fun creating a theme and pick out equipment and decorations. Being industry veterans, we are certain that we have everything you need to make your party the talk of the season. We will work with each client to come up with the right color scheme, decor, linens, table settings, lights, and more to make your party a complete success from top to bottom. We also have the finest party tents in Colorado for outdoor summer parties.

Get summer party inspiration

With two convenient locations and showrooms in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado Party Rentals offer 24-hour service along the Front Range and daily deliveries and set-up throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

Talk to a party planner today and start planning the party of the season.

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