It’s All in the Details: Elevating Your Wedding with Simple Decorative Touches

When you design a wedding, it’s all about the details. Stepping back to look at the big picture, the little decorative details, are what’s going to impress your guests and add the final touches of romance, glamor, love, and joy that is the essence of every wedding. It’s the decorative details that will make your wedding theme come alive.

Make an Entrance

Wedding decorations

Make a grand entrance.

Every bride and groom wants to make a grand entrance. The moment when you first step out, before you walk down the aisle should be photo-worthy. If you’re outdoors, create an entryway where you can make your grand entrance before you say your vows.

Guest Entrance

Don’t forget about your guests. Think about framing every step of your wedding, and that includes having a beautifully decorated entrance to your wedding venue. The entryway is the first impression that your guests will get, so make it a good one.

Aisle Runners and Decor

If you’re going to make a grand entrance, you need to follow through with a beautifully decorated aisle. Aisle runners are a simple detail that will elevate the ceremony. The practicality of an aisle runner, especially for outdoor weddings, will also help the ceremony go smoothly. You won’t have to be nervous about your heels getting stuck in the ground, or tripping on a rock.

Decorate the aisle with little details, like small floral arrangements, candles lighting up the walkway, bows, ribbons, or draped fabric. You won’t need much; simple, cohesive details will elevate the entire ceremony.

Ceremony Arch

Make sure that you mark the end of the aisle with a beautiful arch or alter. Create a statement piece and a focal point for your guests, as well as a beautiful backdrop for your vows.

Decorative and Practical Necessities

Elevating wedding decor

A wedding program or menu can be a beautiful little detail to elevate the look of your wedding.

Now that you’ve thought of little details to make you and your partner look great at the ceremony, you need to think about what your guests will need. As your guests are walking to get seated for the ceremony, two things will add a subtle decorative touch, but also be highly practical at the same time.

Decorative programs or menu cards are an excellent decorative detail. Little touches can have a significant impact on the ambiance.

Tissues are a wedding necessity. Instead of boxes of tissues, have personalized handkerchiefs made up. Changing from paper tissues to silk or linen hankies adds one more personal touch that adds to the ambiance, and it will be a memorable wedding favor for guests to take home. You could also decorate tissue boxes and make them a part of the decor. Strategically placed personalized wedding tissue boxes could make for a great conversation piece.

Our wedding specialists can help you design your wedding down to the smallest decorative details.


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