Light Up Your Party!

They say, “If food is the prose of a party, then lights are its poetry.” Colorado Party Rentals gives ideas for creating poetry at your party. Lighting is one of the simplest ways to transform the ambiance of an event. With it, you can cast an enchanting spell, kick up the romance, or create an atmosphere of energy. See what you can do with lighting at your next event!

Small Events add warmth to a small backyard party in fall, dinner decor

If you are having a cozy little affair, keep the lighting soft and minimal. You want the lighting to match the style of your event. If it is a small dinner party, use candles on the tables, and keep lights low. If your small event is outdoors, use lanterns or lights strung in the trees that will give a special mood.

Big Events

If the event is large, use various types of lighting. With dance floors, you will need lighting such as a disco ball or a chandelier over the dance floor and perhaps dance floor lighting patterns. If you want to create a lot of energy at an event, consider renting a strobe light or spotlight. Always be sure to light the walkways and paths towards the entrance of the event. That can be done with street lamps, or even tiki torches, depending on the style of your event.

Types of Lightingparty light - party tent at night

Food Station Lighting

Lighted buffets have become quite popular with large events. Illuminated food stations and bars become highlighted to guests, drawing them over.

Monogram Projection

You can take your party up a notch by projecting monograms or logos onto the tent ceiling or even on the dance floor. That brings another dimension to the lighting scene. These can be colored as well, introducing a little drama if needed!


Spaces become completely transformed through uplights. Using colored lights, you can cover your event interior with a color “wash” of your choice. That can dramatically affect the mood!

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