Linen Selection Tips for Every Event

There are a number of things that take priority when planning a themed event, including color, orientation, activities, seating, and seating arrangements. However, one thing that often gets neglected is linen selection. While you may not think linens to be important in the grand scheme of your event, the fact of the matter is that they can be the perfect way to tie off the theme of your event in its entirety.

Put another way, the right table linen rentals ensure that your guests stay entranced from the minute they arrive at your event all the way until they rise from their meals to depart.

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When trying to match your linens to your event, start by matching based on color-scheme.

If you’re at a loss as to how to actually choose the right table linen rentals for your specific event, however, you can find some seasoned advice below.

Matching linens and events

The easiest way to match your linens to your event is to choose linens that reflect your event’s chosen theme. This could relate to color, fabric, shape, or any other myriad factors.

Basing your linen choice on just one of these factors is enough to end up with table linen rentals that complement your event perfectly; basing your choice on all of them, however, leaves no room for misinterpretation whatsoever.

Fail-Proof Options

If you’re still at a loss even after using your event’s theme as a reference, your best bet is to rely on the advice of a professional. Instead of hopping on Google and choosing the first “party rentals near me” option you see, however, you should be much more selective in who you purchase from.

Specifically, you want to only work with companies with a proven track record of providing tailored table linen rentals – ideally to a variety of different events.

For example, Colorado Party Rentals has 14 years of experience renting to every kind of event imaginable, including weddings, special events, and even camping. To see how Colorado Party Rentals can help provide your event with whatever it needs, get in touch with us today!

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