Make Your Next Corporate Event Social Media Ready

One of the biggest corporate party trends have nothing to do with your decorations or your party theme, it has to do with technology. More precisely, live and streaming videos. That means that every aspect of your party is going to be Memorexed, not on tape like in the old days, but on every social media site. Make sure your party is on point and Instagram ready!

New Corporate Event Trends

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Roll out the red carpet at your next corporate event.

Since your guests are going to be using their phones throughout the party anyway – just trying to get your guests to put them down – you may as well try to control the content they are streaming and watching. Incorporating new technology into your next corporate event is a huge trend.

Red Carpet Entry

Start your party off right with a red carpet entry, complete with a step-and-repeat. Take advantage of the photo opportunity by branding the red carpet with your logo. People are going to be taking photos or sharing the photos that you take at the party, so make sure that your company is well represented. Use new social technology like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter live to live-stream the red carpet as all of your guests get the star treatment.  Your guests can follow it live, or you can have the live-stream playing once people get inside the party. Any live-stream will be available afterward, so people can look back and check out all the party outfits!

Staging Area

For speakers, entertainment, and presentations, make sure your staging area looks professional. Live-stream everything that happens on the stage for anyone who may be missing the party, or to look back on later. You can rent the stage and audio/visual gear to make the event run smoothly.

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Make your corporate event Instagram ready.

Making Your Event Picture Perfect

Finally, you can set up a social media account for the party so that everyone can take photos and have them posted to one shared page. That way no one fears they are missed out on anything. Relieving people of their #FOMO is going to make your party so much better, and all-inclusive. But, if everything is going to be photographed and permanently available on social media, you want your party to look perfect. Rent all the party gear and supplies to create a spectacular corporate event.

Party rentals for corporate events

Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need in one place to create an awesome corporate event that is going to look great “in person” and on social media. We’ll help you get all the practical supplies, as well as, all the decorative items that add ambiance and character to any event. Talk to one of our party specialists about your next corporate event.


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