Wedding Rentals for a Rustic and Romantic Wedding

No matter what the season, the rustic style wedding is still one of the major wedding themes we see lately. Rustic wedding decor symbolizes sustainability and romance. Using the harvest of the season and the colors of nature are the keys to the rustic style wedding.

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What Makes a Wedding Style Rustic?

When something is rustic, it’s supposed to be simple, natural, and a little rough around the edges. However, like the messy ponytail trend, a whole lot of effort goes into making a wedding look effortless – or rustic, as the case may be. Since a wedding is all about true love and romance, the simple countryside charm of a rustic wedding represents something pure and natural, just like your love.

Natural Seasonal Centerpieces

When you’re creating a centerpiece for your wedding tables, take a page from the season and use plants, flowers, foliage, and anything else that’s blooming. Using grasses, bushes, twigs, branches, berries, fruit, and flowers to create a wild – but structured – centerpiece. Let each centerpiece be a bit different than the next because just like in nature, no two flowers are going to be identical.

Include Natural Organic Materials as Much as Possible

Rustic style wedding decorations in Colorado

Use organic materials to decorate for a rustic style wedding.

Look for wooden tables that will add to the rustic theme. Wooden tables feel warm and casual. However, you can easily make a rustic wedding a bit glamorous. Decorate your table with white linens and use simple white china to add a bit of elegance to the rustic decor. Instead of covering the table completely, add a simple runner down the center of a rectangular table so that some of the natural wood shines through. Using brown, taupe, beige, and white as your color scheme will stay in line with the rustic theme, but add a bit of sophistication, as well.

Handcrafted Decorations

The rustic wedding should not look like a DIY project. However, most of us who have ever followed a set of DIY instructions on Pinterest knows that it takes a skilled and professional hand to make a DIY project look good. Don’t worry; we’re going to make your rustic wedding look effortless. Only you and your partner (and the wedding specialists at Colorado Party Rentals) will know how much effort went into creating the perfect look and feel of your special day.

Of course, there are a few things that you can DIY, like the name cards on the tables, or you can have them done professionally to look like you did them yourself. Use organic materials, brown cardboard, or pieces of wood or bark that are native to your surroundings. Then, hand-paint the names of your guests. It will be a nice personal touch.

Rustic wedding rentals in Colorado

Decorate wooden tables with a simple, elegant linen runner and wild centerpieces.

A rustic wedding should feel like it is taking place in a countryside cottage, and that the flower arrangements were all hand-picked from the nearby meadow arranged in charming mason jars or wicker baskets. However, don’t be afraid to be extravagant. Big, bold centerpieces created from the local landscape are becoming more popular. Just make sure the centerpieces aren’t so big that you can’t talk to the person sitting across from you. Imagine a few bigger arrangements around the perimeter of the room, and then mimic smaller versions for the tables.


No matter what the style of your wedding, sustainability is always going to be the hidden trend. When you decorate with seasonal, local, and natural materials, you are keeping down your carbon footprint. Using green materials in your wedding goes beyond the decorations. Talk to your catering company about creating a seasonal menu with ingredients from local farmers, ranchers, and vendors.

Rustic Wedding Rentals in Colorado

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