How to Throw a Last-Minute Party in 7 Easy Steps?

If you happen to forget an upcoming important birthday, and now you’re scrambling to throw something together that doesn’t say “afterthought”, no worries! You can still pull off a great event for some close friends and family, making that special someone feel like a priority! The good news is that you can count on Colorado Party Rentals to help you out in a pinch. Tables, chairs, outdoor tents and space heaters – we can take care of your last-minute bash!

7 Simple Steps to Pulling off a Last-Minute Party with Little Effort! 

hosting eventsStep 1: Reach out to the most important people you’d like to have there and ask about their availability. Choose a date that works best for the majority of those important people. If you can get three or four to settle on a date and confirm their attendance, you can build a party from there.

Step 2: Send your invitations via email and social media. Be sure to let people know that you need a response ASAP.

Step 3: Food and Beverages – plan three 8 oz. glasses of a beverage per guest. Juice and soda for children, and one bottle of wine for every two guests. Calculate about one pound of ice per guest. Pro Tip: Order your wine and beer ahead of time at your local liquor and package store and ask them to wrap and pack it for you. Then, just stop by to pick it up.

Organize your grocery list by sections for an easy shopping. Choose a simple menu. Consider foods you can prepare the night before.

colorado party decorStep 4:  Choose three colors and stick with them for your theme. Choose wrapping paper that goes with your theme colors and set up a gift table with a coordinating tablecloth, and use this as a “free” decor item. With coordinating wrapped gifts, you will have a self-made centerpiece upon which to base your theme.

Step 5: Keep in mind that ambiance can be created with simple around the house items, votives, or citrus in a large vase or piled in a glass bowl. A large serving bowl filled with bright yellow lemons can go a long way to adding vibrancy to your party. Also, try tangerines or bright green Granny Smith apples, or go the other way and choose cranberries or blueberries.

Step 6: Determine the number of people that have confirmed and secure sufficient seating. Arrange conversation areas and be sure you have a flow for traffic and ease of access to food and drinks.

Step 7:  Prep time – you don’t have to scrub the house floor to ceiling. No one will be looking in your corners or closets. Do a spot clean and declutter the most obvious areas. Hide unsightly disorder, and arrange furniture to suit the flow of the party. Arrange the furniture the way you want it the night before. This will uncover any leftover Cheerios that may have been lost under the sofa, and reveal areas of the carpet that may need a spot clean or a vacuum.

Prepare the food the day before. This is where choosing a simple comfort food style menu works well.

Lastly, decorate the night before. This is another way fruit displays come in handy. When you don’t need to rely on fresh flowers, you can get a lot more done ahead of time.

You can pull off a last-minute party with ease. Relieve your stress and enjoy some fun with your friends. Go simple with colors, food, and beverages, and let your worries fade away!


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