Making Sure You Get the Right Style of Flatware for Your Wedding

Every little detail counts when you plan a wedding, including the style of flatware. The reception table is going to be one of the most photographed elements at your wedding, so you want to make every element count by enhancing the overall vision.

Flatware at the wedding

If you are having a sit-down reception, how you set the table is going to be a major part of your decoration. What people don’t realize is that every item on a wedding table has been carefully chosen to create the wedding of your dreams. You want to make sure that every element works cohesively with the next so your venue comes alive with romance. Many people don’t consider the flatware or don’t realize how many choices they have. So, let’s take a look at how to choose the right style of flatware for your wedding.

Choosing flatware

Copper flatware with subtly textured decor is perfect for a rustic style wedding.

Only Get the Flatware You Need

We all remember that scene in Pretty Woman where she learns about all the fancy silverware she’ll be using on her fancy date. However, you may not need a salad fork, oyster fork, dinner fork, and a dessert fork. First of all, if you’re not serving oysters, don’t get an oyster fork, no matter how cute they are!

Traditionally, you’ll need to have a set of flatware for each course. At the start of the meal, you’ll typically see a smaller knife and fork for the first course, and the larger knife and fork for the main course. If you’re serving soup, you’ll need to add a soup spoon, and a dessert spoon (or fork.)

Consider the Size of the Table

Remember, the more flatware you decide on having, depending on your wedding menu and the service style, the more space you will need at each table setting. If you’re having a 5-course sit-down wedding meal, and you want to have all the silverware on the table from the start, you’ll need to add a few extra inches to your table selection.

Consider the Size of the Plates

Flatware comes in various sizes, and not just depending on the use. A common wedding table feature is the oversized chargers and plates for a dramatic effect. If you are using oversized china and chargers, make sure that your flatware is proportional to the size of the plates.

Flatware Style

Renting flatware for wedding

Rose gold flatware is romantic and unique.

Choose a pattern that will add to the ambiance of the table. Choosing flatware that is a bit decorative in style can add some texture and romance to your table setting. However, you don’t want to make your table too busy. A modern choice for flatware is to stick to simple, clean, and elegant flatware.

Material and Color

Instead of choosing flatware that is engraved with beautiful patterns and decorative work, make a statement by using various materials. Copper, onyx, and wooden flatware are perfect for a rustic style wedding. Silverware is perfect for the classic, romantic, and elegant wedding. However, you can also go non-traditional and elegant with rose gold flatware, or two-toned black and gold flatware. Look at the various materials and choose the flatware that best compliments your wedding style.

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