4 Tips for Planning Your Fall Wedding

How to prevent common fall wedding mishaps?

Fall weddings are so popular for good reasons: the red and golden leaves create amazing photo backgrounds and the summer heat is gone, so your guests won’t be sweating in their formal attire. However, this popular wedding season also has some obstacles that, if not planned correctly, can ruin your fall wedding dream.

bride holding a bouquet of flowers and berries in a rustic style, wedding bouquet

We suggest four tips to help you deal with the most common fall wedding hang-ups:


An outdoor ceremony complete with natural foliage backdrop sounds perfect – until it gets frostbitten by an unseasonal cold front! To avoid this, make sure you and your guests are prepared for the elements by providing forecast updates or reminding them that the evening could turn chilly.

Other ways for keeping everyone comfortable are setting up heat lamps around any outdoor area where guests might congregate, having inexpensive wraps in a basket near the entrance to the ceremony, or if possible, you can even organize to have a space for a fire pit! If you plan your fall wedding with us, our Denver Wedding Specialists will help and guide you through the entire planning process before that special day!

fall wedding rentals DenverOut-of-Season Flower Arrangements

Using out-of-season flowers can help you keep wedding costs down, and even though it means you might not be able to have each arrangement made with your favorite blooms, there are tons of options for elegant fall floral arrangements.

You can also consider a few non-floral elements to create a bouquet that really plays up the season and that’s equally elegant and eye-catching, such as fall fruits and vegetables like crabapples, ornamental cabbage, and peppers!

Choosing a Convenient Wedding Date

Between Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Jewish high holidays, convenient weekends seem few and far between. The unfortunate fact of picking a fall wedding date is that someone will likely have an availability conflict, but a little research can save the day by making sure most of your guests can attend. These wedding dates to avoid can help you find a weekend that will more likely work for everyone.

Seasonal Allergies

Fall foliage can make a scenic background for an autumn wedding, but it can also wreak havoc on a seasonal allergy sufferer. Puffy eyes and red noses don’t look good in your wedding photos!

To avoid an allergy attack, you can check for updates on pollen counts in your area to find out if your sinuses may be in for trouble. Also, play it safe on your wedding day by keeping a non-drowsy, over-the-counter antihistamine, tissues, and eye drops available for you and your guests!



Plan your fall wedding with the Colorado wedding experts!

At Colorado Party Rentals, we love weddings, big or small. Our dedicated staff is meticulous when it comes to detail, and nothing will be missed if you plan your wedding with us!

You will not only save yourself time and money, but you’ll also allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your big day rather than worrying about having overlooked small details. Besides your peace of mind, we can also provide all the linens, stemware, silverware, tables, chairs, tents, decorations, lightingeverything you need!

No task or request is too small, book us today so we can start creating your dream fall wedding day!


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