Material Options For Waterproof Tents

A lot of people find waterproof tent fabric ideal for several reasons. As versatile as they can be, though, what material works best? So, when you’re ready for a tent rental, let’s talk about the options on hand from Denver event rental companies.


Let’s start the conversation with one of the most popular options, the clearspan tent. These provide all the perks and are naturally easy to apply in several situations. This is mainly because the tents don’t use guylines, which normally provide tension to pole-supported structures so they don’t blow away. Because guylines aren’t needed, you don’t need extra space or cause extra hazards. As a result, it’s easier to install a tent on things like concrete and sand.

Clearspan tent

Clearspan tents are among the most popular options.


On the topic of fabrics, there are quite a few options on hand when it comes to deciding on the ideal clearspan tent for you.  The two most common options are laminated vinyl and laminated fabric.

Laminated vinyl may end up being the proper choice for you, it’s certainly the more established of the two. These are constructed with a layer of solid vinyl on the bottom and top, protected by a layer of mesh material. Heat and pressure combine these into one single piece.

Laminated fabric, by comparison, is newer, and the more trendy option. This is made to look by vinyl but created via a different process. Mesh gives it strength for the center. When it dries out, it’s quite pliable, much like fabric. Both work, so don’t be afraid to do some testing before committing.

Want to test out some of these different options? Colorado Party Rentals has some of the ideal tent rentals for your next event, with setup and takedown included. Contact us today to get started.

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