New Year, New You Night!

January is almost over and the year is off and running. You may be one of the millions who took the opportunity at the turn of a new year to consider the year behind them. With that reflection, you have the chance to make some changes in the things you weren’t happy with. The year ahead was a blank canvas, and you looked with excitement at the fresh start. So, how are you feeling now? It’s true, the end of January tends to be a slump for many of us because we didn’t pick up the momentum we had hoped we would.

Thrill seeking kinda bride, New Year, New You Dinner Party EventDinner Party and Goal Setting?

Why not take a step back and enjoy a fun night with friends? How can a dinner party help you stay the course of accomplishing goals? We think taking every opportunity you can to gather with friends, boosts your ambition and your sense of capability. Knowing your great group of friends is behind you can help you stay focused.

Why not plan a small dinner party just for the purpose of challenging yourself and your friends to set 1 short term goal? Then, see to it that each of you check up on each other’s progress. Call it The New Year, New You Night!

Relax at the beach,New Year, New You Dinner Party EventNew Year, New You, Night!

Set your tables with pictures of Your dreams. Vacation to Hawaii? Opening a small boutique? Whatever it may be, print out the images that represent your dreams best and decorate the tables with them. Consider developing an international menu to add to the theme of dreaming! Leave a small notebook and pen at each guest’s place setting to encourage engagement in the night!

Goal Setting Time!

Set some goals this year, The New Year New You Dinner Party!Enjoy fun and food, then get down to business and set some goals. Ask each guest to talk about where they would like to see themselves at the end of this year. Then, instruct your friends to do some reverse engineering and decide where they need to be at the end of 90 days in order to make their one-year goal a reality.

This Dinner party doesn’t have to be the only one! Gather your gang together again at the end of 90 days as ask them to review.

4 Questions to ask as a 90 Day progress review:

1. Were my goals realistic? Be honest. Have you bitten off more than you can chew?

2. Have I broken my goals down into priority items, focusing on the most important and perhaps most easily attained goals first in order to create momentum?

3. Do I have daily action steps in place to see to it that something happens daily to keep me moving forward?

4. Have I shared my goals with someone I respect that will give me honest advice and a firm nudge in the right direction when I stray from my course?

Enjoy your New Year, and a New You Night with your closest friends and take the time to really talk about where you want to be in January of 2017!

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