Organizing Birthday Parties for Kids

Organizing children’s birthday parties can seem scary, especially if it is the first time you are doing it. Should you do it at home, in some fast food restaurant, or in a particular venue that caters for this kind of event, or even just in a park? How much you want to spend will play a role in your decision,

cpartyrental can help you find a good baker

Kid’s Birthday Cake

as well as how much you like cleaning up as home parties can be messy! Birthday Party Rentals are certainly a big help; at Colorado Party Rentals we have all you need to make it a huge success.


Hosting a party at home may seem like the easiest and the most affordable choice. It may be more affordable indeed, but it certainly isn’t easier, as it means you will have to do a lot of the work yourself, and the cleaning up afterward. If you do have the right place for it and a lot of helpers, it can be lovely for children to be able to invite their friends to their home. You could still hire caterers and professional entertainers if you want to.

If you opt for a special party venue, it will, of course, be easier on your workload, and erase the responsibility of the catering from your hands. In general, kids birthday parties are more comfortable in summer when it can take place outside, hence cleaning is more manageable, the kids can run around and spend some of that energy!

Whatever you choose to do, birthday parties mean a big deal to kids and you want it to be memorable.

Theme, Entertainment, and Games

Here comes the time to face a significant decision; the theme. It is easy, really. What is their favorite movie, or their favorite computer game? Who is their hero? Remember this cartoon, you only had to watch 200 times. That is it! For entertainment and games, the options here are endless. We are talking about clowns, magicians, Disney characters. Bouncy castle, if possible, is always a huge success, and of course a Piñata! Do not forget the prizes and the little doggy bags!

Guest List

The right place for it and a lot of helpers

Hosting a party at home

Are you a hero, prepared to invite the whole class? Or does your child prefer to invite his close friends? In any case, the time has come to create a guest list, and it is always a good idea to plan ahead, once you know how many people are coming, it will help decide on everything else, and also you’ll have a clearer idea of the cost. You will even know which adults will stay on at the party and give a helping hand, as opposed to parents who will only drop their kids and pick them up later. E-vite is in, so save the pennies and create lovely paperless invites, or create and print your own.

Cake and Catering

Kids birthday cake is a big thing. If you are having the party at home and you are a confident baker, go for it and bake it yourself, if not, don’t get stressed out and find a professional. Colorado Party Rentals can help you find a good baker if you do not know where to look for a reputable one. No need to write up a four-course meal, they are not interested! Sandwiches, and more sandwiches, together with snacks and desserts, is all you need. They are not thinking about eating, but in playing!

Organizing a party for any occasion can be daunting, so instead of trying to do too much, why don’t you contact a professional.  Colorado Party Rentals can take care of every detail for your child’s birthday party, and offer her/him a memorable and magical day. Pop into one of our showrooms in Denver or Colorado Springs, or you may call us first for some information on how we work.


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